Center for Computing Sciences, Institute for Defense Analyses

The Institute for Defense Analyses Center for Computing Sciences (IDA/CCS) is looking for outstanding researchers to address difficult computing problems vital to the nation’s security. IDA/CCS is an independent, applied research center sponsored by the National Security Agency (NSA). Emphasis areas for IDA/CCS technical staff include high-performance computing, cryptography, and network security. Members of the technical staff come from a diverse variety of backgrounds, including computer science, computer architecture, computer/electrical engineering, information processing, and the mathematical sciences; most have Ph.D.s. Special attention is paid to the design, prototyping, evaluation, and effective use of new computational algorithms, tools, paradigms, and hardware directly relevant to the NSA mission. Stable funding provides for a vibrant research environment, and an atmosphere of intellectual inquiry free of administrative burdens. The center is equipped with a very large variety of hardware and software. The latest developments in high-end computing are heavily used and projects routinely challenge the capability of the most advanced algorithms and architectures. IDA/CCS research staff members have always been at the forefront of computing, as evidenced by lasting, visible contributions to areas as varied as multi-threaded architectures (e.g., Horizon), novel computing systems (e.g., FPGA-based Splash and Splash-2, Processing-In-Memory chips), design and implementation of operating systems (e.g., the Linux kernel), and programming language design and implementation for high-performance computing systems (e.g., Universal Parallel C and Cinquecento). IDA/CCS research staff work on complex topics often engaging multidisciplinary teams; candidates should demonstrate depth in a particular field as well as a broad understanding of computational issues and technology. Because the problems of interest are continually evolving, IDA/CCS recruitment focuses on self-motivation, strength of background, and talent, rather than specific expertise. Located in a modern research park in the Maryland suburbs of Washington, DC, IDA/CCS offers a competitive salary, an excellent benefits package, and a superior professional working environment. The Institute for Defense Analyses is proud to be an equal opportunity employer. Please send responses or inquiries to: Dawn Porter Administrative Manager IDA Center for Computing Sciences 17100 Science Drive Bowie, MD 20715-4300

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