Department of Pure Mathematics and Mathematical Statistics, University of Cambridge

  1. [PROFCHU1] Operational Research, Churchill Professorship of Mathematics for Operational Research (2018/12/03)
  2. [RA] Number Theory, Research Associate (Fixed Term) (2018/12/31)
  3. [RA1] Number Theory, Ergodic Theory and Combinatorics, Research Associate (Fixed Term) (2018/12/31)
  4. [RA2] Probability, Research Associate in Probability(Fixed Term) (2018/12/31)
  5. [RA3] Combinatorics, Research Associate in Additive and Extremal Combinatorics (Fixed Term) (2018/12/31)
  6. [RAALGGEOM] Algebraic Geometry, Research Associate in Algebraic Geometry (2019/01/02)
  7. [RF] Pure Mathematics, Herchel Smith Postdoctoral Research Fellowship in Pure Mathematics (2018/12/14)
  8. [UL] Statistics, University Lecturer in Statistics (2018/12/01)
  9. [UL1] Pure Mathematics, University Lecturers in Pure Mathematics (two posts) (2018/12/01)

(9 positions listed)

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