University of Maryland Baltimore County, Mathematics/Statistics

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UMBC is a Carnegie classified R1 institution in Baltimore County, Maryland. The Department of Mathematics of Statistics has active research groups in applied mathematics in modeling, analysis, and computation of differential equations, applications of stochastic processes and dynamical systems, as well as numerical optimization and optimization theory. UMBC has both Applied Mathematics Ph.D. and masters programs that serve the greater Baltimore-Washington region. UMBC is conveniently located in the Baltimore-Washington corridor, with many collaborative connections with the Federal and State agencies, as well as research and development companies. UMBC, the youngest campus of the University System of Maryland, was established in 1966 with the express mission of instruction and research in both undergraduate and graduate levels.

  1. [MATHASSTPROF] Applied Mathematics, Assistant Professor (accepting applications, deadline 2022/11/28 11:59PM)
  2. [SECSTAT] Statistics, Inaugural Sinha Ennovate Endowed Chair in Statistics (accepting applications, deadline 2023/01/15 11:59PM)

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