SFB 1085, Department of Mathematics, University of Regensburg

Position ID: 1155-POSTDOC [#10983]
Position Title: Postdoctoral positions in Regensburg (Germany)
Position Type: Postdoctoral
Position Location: Regensburg, Bayern 93051, Germany [map]
Subject Area: Pure math
Application Deadline: finished (2017/10/09, finished 2018/10/14)
Position Description:    

*** The account for SFB 1085, Department of Mathematics, University of Regensburg has expired. ***

The mathematics department at the University of Regensburg is now accepting applications for postdoctoral and PhD positions. Pending renewal of the Collaborative Research Center (CRC/SFB 1085) on Higher invariants by the Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (German Research Foundation) in late November, the Research Center will have up to 9 postdoctoral and 11 PhD positions available with start dates as early as January 1st 2018.

The projects involved in the SFB are the following:

  • Cohomology of Higher-Dimensional Schemes (U. Jannsen, M. Kerz)
  • Differential Arithmetic Geometry (U. Bunke, G. Kings, G. Raptis, G. Tamme)
  • Cycle Classes in p-Adic Cohomology (M. Kerz, G. Tamme)
  • Topological Aspects of Curvature Integrals (B. Ammann, C. Löh)
  • Tropical Approaches to Arakelov Geometry (W. Gubler, K. Künnemann)
  • Coarse Homotopy Theory (U. Bunke, D.-C. Cisinski)
  • Higher Nearby Cycles Functors and Grothendieck Duality (D.-C. Cisinski)
  • Derivators in Higher Category Theory (D.-C. Cisinski, J. Noel, G. Raptis)
  • Spectral Algebraic Geometry (N. Naumann, J. Noel)
  • K-Theory, Polylogarithms, and Regulators (G. Kings)
  • Simplicial Volume and Bounded Cohomology (S. Friedl, G. Kings, C. Löh)
  • The L1-Seminorm on Homology and L2-Torsion (S. Friedl)
  • Non-Archimedean Pluri-Potential Theory (W. Gubler, K. Künnemann)

We are seeking highly qualified applicants for postdoctoral positions whose research interests overlap with those of the Research Center "Higher Invariants - Interactions between Arithmetic Geometry and Global Analysis". Applicants will not be expected to speak German and most of the activities of the Research Center are conducted in English. These positions come with no teaching duties and, in the past, the Research Center has been able to offer reasonable support for work-related travel. We are also inviting applications for PhD positions to work on projects related to the Research Center. Applicants should have an excellent mathematical background and be proficient in either German or English. The first funding period of the Research Center was accompanied by a great deal of activity including numerous workshops, conferences, visitors, and research seminars. This activity was, in no small part, the result of significant contributions from the postdoctoral and doctoral researchers at the research center. The Research Center is located in the City of Regensburg, Germany. The center of the city is a UNESCO World heritage site and lies along the banks of the Danube river. Please submit a CV, research statement, and a list of publications to sfb-higher-invariants@mathematik.uni-regensburg.de. Please indicate which of the projects you would be interested in working on and/or which of the PIs you would be interested in working with. Pending approval of funds, a full review of applicants will begin in December. However, we will continue to accept applications until all positions have been filled.

This employer is not accepting applications for this position through Mathjobs.Org. Please see the job description above on how to apply.
Contact: Guido Kings
Postal Mail:
Fakultät für Mathematik
Universität Regensburg
93040 Regensburg
Web Page: http://www.sfb-higher-invariants.de

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