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Fellowship Title: Master Fellowships
Fellowship Type: Fellowship or award
Fellowship Location: Toulouse, FRANCE 31400, Finland [map]
Subject Area: Mathematics and Computer Science
Application Deadline: 2022/01/31 11:59PMhelp popup finished (2021/12/15, finished 2022/05/03, listed until 2022/02/01)
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*** this fellowship has been closed. ***

EUR MINT and LabEx CIMI Master and PhD fellowships in Toulouse

Application call for Master fellowships:

Opening date: December 16th 2021

Closing date: January 31st 2022

Application call for PhD Fellowships:

Opening date: February 1st 2022

Applications online only:



Fellowships for Master and PhD programs in Toulouse

The Graduate School “Mathematics and Interactions in Toulouse” (EUR MINT) and the “International Center for Mathematics and Computer Science in Toulouse” (CIMI) LabEx will soon open their annual calls for Master and PhD fellowships in Mathematics in Toulouse, France.

The CIMI and MINT Master+PhD programs are strongly research-oriented and designed to follow students for up to 5 years leading all the way to the completion of his/her thesis. In addition to standard courses in Toulouse, our programs feature summer schools and the “Masterclass series of lectures” all revolving around research topics of current interest.

MINT and CIMI fellowships provide competitive salaries as well as a number of “extras” such as travel expenses to Toulouse, tuition and university fees, as well as financial support to attend conferences and schools either in France or abroad.

In scientific terms, MINT and CIMI rely on the faculty of the “Institut de Mathematiques de Toulouse” (IMT). The IMT counts over 200 tenured faculty members covering a large range of contemporary research in both Pure and Applied Mathematics.

Selection of students

Selection of students admitted to MINT and CIMI programs is based on the student’s record and academic merits. It is possible to join the programs at three different moments of your studies, namely:

(a) As a M1 student: In Europe, M1 is commonly identified with the 4th year of study in Mathematical program started immediately after high school. Some standard courses at the level in question would be differential geometry, Fourier transform, a standard course on ODE-PDE, Probability and Statistic. More details on the M1 program in Toulouse

(b) As a M2 student: M2 is the last year of study before being able to officially start your PhD thesis. M2 is therefore essentially equivalent to the 1st year of a PhD program in North or South American countries (e.g. Canada, US, and Brazil). The year of M2 is concluded with the preparation of a “M2 report” on a chosen topic and under the guidance of an IMT faculty member: this report plays the role of the “qualifying examination” in the aforementioned countries in the sense that after successfully completing it, the student is able to enroll in “thesis preparation” which is our PhD program. More details on the M2 program in Toulouse

(c) As a PhD student: As indicated above, by “PhD program” it is meant the elaboration of the PhD thesis which is supposed to take (up to) 3 years. To apply for MINT or CIMI PhD programs (or equivalently to PhD fellowships), you need to provide a thesis project endorsed by an IMT faculty member who also agrees to become your supervisor in case your application is successful. It is strongly recommended to contact prospective thesis supervisors among the IMT faculty beforehand, see https://www.math.univ-toulouse.fr/?lang=fr

We are not accepting applications for this job through Mathjobs.Org right now. Please apply at https://www.cimi.univ-toulouse.fr/en/appels-offres/bourses-etudes/.
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