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Position ID: 2495-TL [#15912]
Position Title: Study Skills Instructor / Tutoring Lead
Position Type: Other
Position Location: Seattle, Washington 98195, United States
Subject Areas: Math/Physics
Application Deadline: none (posted 2020/04/30)
Position Description:    

The College of Engineering has an outstanding opportunity for a Study Skills Instructor. 

 This position is a key member of the STARS and Diversity & Access (D & A) teams. This position primarily provides academic support for mathematics (primarily Calculus I, II, & III, intro to Differential Equations and Matrix Algebra-but could also include Algebra I & II and Pre-calculus) and physics (I, II). The position includes leading tutoring and group study sessions and teaching math and physics supplemental workshops and some working with students individually. This is a student-facing position and will work directly with students to improve problem-solving skills, study skills and learning strategies that enhance Math & Science academic performance. This position will primarily support the STARS program during the academic year and will support academic components of other Diversity & Academic programs, such as Math Academy and Early Engineering Institute, during the summer. All Diversity and Access programs are highly results-oriented and designed to improve recruitment, access and retention of underserved populations into engineering and computer science. To learn more about STARS and other Diversity & Access programs visit:

This position works closely with the STARS Math/Physics Instructor during the academic year and D&A Assistant Directors during the summer to teach workshops, lead tutoring sessions, and provide individualized support based on current knowledge of student growth and development. The focus in STARS math and physics courses is on strategic problem-solving. Teaching is not framed around getting the answer. Instead both STARS and other D & A programs heavily emphasize the underlying concepts, connections inherent in mathematics and physics, using guiding questions to facilitate learning and the importance of the problem-solving process. The Math/Physics Tutor Lead is directly involved with and responsible for working closely with the STARS team to develop strategies and closely monitor student progress to reach program retention goals and objectives. The College of Engineering Math Academy and other summer programs help students develop the math and problem-solving skills necessary to succeed in engineering and computer science and exposes students to a variety of examples of engineering and computer science in practice.

This position will be responsible for providing academic support for mathematics (primarily Calculus I, II, & III, intro to Differential Equations and Matrix Algebra-but could also include Algebra I & II and Pre-calculus) and Physics (I & II). The programs this position will engage with are housed in the College of Engineering office of Diversity & Access. These programs will advance the mission of Diversity & Access through efforts focused on outreach, engagement, and retention of students from systemically-marginalized backgrounds, such as URMs, first generation students, and students from low-income backgrounds. STARS specifically is a highly visible program at UW and was profiled in the Provost’s report series and the CoE, Trends & Issues in Higher Education. The number of underrepresented minority students admitted to Engineering departments has increased by 93.5% (139 from 269), since 2012-13, when the STARS grant was written. (During this same period, enrollment in the College grew by just 30.5%.) STARS is also visible externally and has been supported by over $3M from the National Science Foundation and the Washington State Opportunity Scholarship (WSOS). 


• With guidance of STARS & EAC leadership, Math/Physics Workshop and Tutoring Manager develops curriculum and course material for workshops, study sessions, and tutoring. 
• With EAC Director and Assistant Director, Outreach & Recruitment develop curriculum and course material for summer programs. 
• Adjust content to best serve participants’ needs, often to address specific concepts students are struggling with or to address content not covered in depth by the course instructor. Curriculum is designed to address students at various different levels of math and physics. 
• Regularly and proactively triaging workshops and tutoring sessions to adjust, sometimes on the spot, to address individual, group and program needs. 

• For STARS this position is tutoring heavy during the academic year. EX: a quarter could include four group sessions of 2-2 and ½ hour tutoring sessions and 2-6 one hour one-on-one sessions. STARS tutoring sessions are typically tied to a student’s workshop or STARS course grade and thus are highly structured and designed and planned along with the accompanying course and/or supplemental workshop. 
• Teach/facilitate quarterly workshops during academic year. Teach/facilitate summer program courses during summer quarter. 
• TARS tutoring sessions and workshops come with a syllabus and are thus well planned, highly engaged and interactive and require grading. 
• Proactively monitoring student progress and identifying areas needing improvement; STARS has a considerable emphasis on this and the tutor lead works closely with other instructors and staff in monitoring grades, effectively addressing group and individual issues in a timely manner and ensuring student success. 
• Prepare, administer, and grade exams, homework and worksheets. 
• Lead Math and Physics Study ‘til you Drop sessions. 
• Prepare worksheets for students to work on during the workshop & tutoring sessions. 
• Assist students with study skills or learning strategies that promote academic success. Actively incorporate into teaching and tutoring the importance of, and how to develop excellent study habits. 

• Grading homework, worksheets, practice exams and exams/quizzes. 
• Using available school data and grades to effectively and in a timely manner identify student academic needs and monitor student progress. 
• In general, work closely and consult with the STARS instructor team to ensure success of the students and the program. 
• In coordination with advisors, contribute to the individual learning plans of each student. Monitor progress based on academic performance objectives. Work with academic counselors regarding the academic needs of students. 

• Under guidance of STARS Director, EAC Assistant Director, STARS Math/Physics Instructor, and STARS Chemistry Instructor, schedule, plan, and run quarterly tutoring sessions and ‘Til you Drop study sessions. 
• Work with course planning committee in scheduling workshops and tutoring (for tutoring this includes securing classroom space). 
• Along with the Math/Physics instructor any special or additional study sessions that may be needed in order to assist students in succeeding. 
• Attend program, Instructional and Diversity & Access meetings as needed. 
• Other administrative duties as assigned. The above list of job duties is not exclusive or exhaustive and the incumbent will be required to undertake such tasks as may reasonably be expected within the scope and grading of the position. NOTE: This is a specialized study skills instructor staff position housed within the College of Engineering Diversity and Access Unit. The emphasis is on program, retention, access, and retention and does not include teaching within an academic department. 

• Bachelor’s Degree in mathematics, engineering or computer science and at least 3 years of experience teaching college-level mathematics or engineering courses. Must be able to teach Calculus I, II, and III and Physics I and II. Experience can be in math with the clear/distinct ability to also tutor physics or vice versa but must be able to tutor both at a high level. 
• Two to three years of relevant experience. 
• Demonstrated understanding of emphasis on the underlying concepts, connections inherent in mathematics and physics, using guiding questions to facilitate learning, the importance of the problem-solving process, and the criticalness of encouraging practice in the math and physics learning process. 
• Must be enthusiastic, inquisitive, patient, highly motivated tutor with passion for student success. 
• The person needs to be highly flexible, able to adapt to different learning styles, academic backgrounds/levels of preparedness, and be familiar with the expectations of various academic disciplines. 
• This position requires working some evenings and weekends as needed. ‘Til you Drop study sessions are typically outside of regular business hours (evenings and weekends). 
• Demonstrated experience working with first-generation college or economically disadvantaged students, or previously a participant in part of a program similar to STARS. 
• Demonstrated experience working with diverse student populations in terms of culture, ethnic and national origin, language, social-economic status, fluency in English, academic interests and background. Equivalent education/experience will substitute for all minimum qualifications except when there are legal requirements, such as a license/certification/registration.  

• Familiarity with administrative policies and procedures in a university environment. 
• Familiarity or experience with UW College of Engineering Diversity & Access programs. 
• Proven creative, enthusiastic self-starter who can respond effectively to changing needs and will take full ownership of all assigned tasks in support of program goals. 
• Knowledge of STEM higher education and different fields of engineering. 
• Familiarity with and understanding of Angela Duckworth’s research on grit and how to utilize this to motivate and assist students in working harder and persevering. 
• Ability to design and implement an online physics and/or math summer review workshop for STARS students. 
• Four to five years of fulltime teaching experience in a higher education setting strongly preferred.

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