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D. E. Shaw Research
  1. [PTPF] Postdoctoral Fellowship at D. E. Shaw Research
Mathematics & Statistics, Dalhousie University
  1. [CRC] Mathematics & Statistics, Canada Research Chair (Tier II) in Stochastic Modeling with Application to Bioinformatics
Mathematics, Dartmouth College
  1. [JWY] Mathematics, John Wesley Young Mathematics Instructorships (deadline 2016/01/05)
Dean of Faculty Office, Deerfield Academy
  1. [TEACHER] Algebra I to Multivariable Calculus, Teacher of Mathematics
Department of Mathematics, Duke University
  1. [TTTP] Tenure/Tenure-Track Professor (2016/04/01)
  2. [VAPJM] Mathematics, Visiting Assistant Professor (2016/03/01)
  3. [VAPMB1] Mathematical Biology, Mathematical Biology, Visiting Assistant Professor (filled)
The University of Delaware
  1. [BIOSTAT] Senior Biostatistician
University of Dayton Research Institute, University of Dayton
  1. [UDRIPD] Applied mathematics, Post doc
Department of Mathematics, University of Denver
  1. [TAP] Teaching Assistant Professor (deadline 2016/01/01)
University of Durham
  1. [RA] Research Associate (2016/02/15)

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