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---- list of jobs with employers beginning with L and delisted last month.
Maths & Physical Sciences, University of Leeds
  1. [RESEARCHELLOWMATHS] Pure Mathematics, Research Fellow in Pure Mathematics (deadline 2017/11/07)
Department of Mathematical Sciences, University of Liverpool
  1. [LECTFUNDPARTPHYS] Fundamental Particle Physics, computer simulations of quantum or statistical systems, mathematical sciences, Lecturer in Fundamental Particle Physics (Teaching & Research) Grade 7/8 (deadline 2018/04/16)
Faculty of Science, Technology and Communication, The University of Luxembourg
  1. [POSTDOCMATHEMATICS] Mathematics, 1 post-doc in Mathematics (Number Theory, Arithmetic Geometry) (M/F) (deadline 2018/04/15)
Loyola University Maryland
  1. [LECTURERINMATHEMATICS] Lecturer in Mathematics (enddate 2018/04/13)
Department of Mathematical Sciences, University of Liverpool
  1. [IMPACTOFF] mathematical sciences, research,, Impact Officer (Mathematical Sciences) Grade 7 (Full or Part-time) (deadline 2018/04/11)
  2. [LECTURER] maths education, statistics, physical sciences, Lecturer in Mathematics (Teaching & Scholarship) Full or Part-time Grade 7/8 (deadline 2018/04/06)
Mathematics, Lafayette College
  1. [APM] Applied Analysis or Statistics, Assistant Professor of Mathematics (finished, deadline 2017/11/15)
Department of Mathematics, University of Louisiana at Lafayette
  1. [AM] Applied Mathematics, Assistant Professor (deadline 2017/12/01*)
  2. [IN] Mathematics, Statistics or Mathematics Education, Instructor (deadline 2017/12/01)
  3. [TP] Topology, Assistant Professor (deadline 2017/12/01*)
Mathematics and Statistics, Loyola University Chicago
  1. [SAP] Statistics, Assistant Professor of Statistics (finished, deadline 2017/12/08)
Mathematics, Louisiana State University
  1. [GP2018] Assistant Professor (enddate 2018/03/21)
  2. [PD2018] Any area of interest to the departmental faculty., Postdoctoral Researcher (enddate 2018/03/21)

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