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---- list of jobs delisted last month.
University of North Alabama interview
  1. [TTAPM] Mathematics/Statistics, Tenure-Track, Assistant Professor of Mathematics (finished, posted 2018/10/24)
NYC Data Science Academy
  1. [MLDS] machine learning, computer science, Data Scientist Training for a Bright Future (finished, posted 2018/10/19)
Graduate School of Mathematics, Nagoya University
  1. [ASSOCIATEPROFESSOR2] Mathematics and Mathematical Sciences (Particularly, All areas of applied Mathematics: Statistics, Numerical Analysis, Computer and Information Science, Discrete Analysis, etc.), Associate Professor Position (Applied Mathematics) (deadline 2018/11/12, posted 2018/10/19)
  2. [ASSOCIATEPROFESSOR1] Mathematics and Mathematical Sciences (Particularly, All areas of applied Mathematics: Statistics, Numerical Analysis, Computer and Information Science, Discrete Analysis, etc.), Associate Professor Position (Applied Mathematics) (deadline 2018/11/12, posted 2018/10/19, updated 2018/10/17)
University of Bristol
  1. [RA1] Research Associate (enddate 2018/11/11, posted 2018/10/15)
Department of Mathematics, Trent University
  1. [AP] Mathematics, Assistant Professor (deadline 2018/10/15, posted 2018/10/09)
1543 0
Department of Mathematics, Frostburg State University
  1. [MATH] Instructor/Assistant Professor of Mathematics (deadline 2018/11/05, posted 2018/10/04)
University of Washington
  1. [DVDA] Assistant Professor – Data Visualization/Data Analytics (deadline 2018/11/02, posted 2018/10/03)
539 0
Mathematical Sciences Institute, The Australian National University
  1. [POSTDOC] Dimension reduction and model selection for statistically challenging data, Postdoctoral Fellow (accepting applications, deadline 2018/10/31, posted 2018/10/03, updated 2018/10/02)
Mathematics/A&S, University of Alabama
  1. [TTAPGEOANA] geometric analysis and partial differential equations,specializing in differential operators and nonlocal diffusions on singular manifolds, Tenure-Track Assistant Professor (deadline 2018/10/26*, posted 2018/10/02)
Department of Mathematical Sciences, Chalmers University of Technology
  1. [POSTDOC1] Mathematics, Post-doc position in mathematics: Real-analytic orthogonal modular forms (deadline 2018/10/16, posted 2018/10/02)
School of Mathematics, University of Edinburgh
  1. [UT_MATHFIN_STOCHANALYSIS] University Teacher in Mathematical Finance/Stochastic Analysis (deadline 2018/11/01, posted 2018/10/02)
Dept of Mathematics and Statistics, ELON UNIVERSITY interview
  1. [STSAP] Statistics, Assistant Professor of Statistics, Tenure-track (deadline 2018/11/10, posted 2018/09/28)
School of Natural Sciences, UC Merced
  1. [SINDI] Mathematical Biology, Post-Doctoral Scholar - Mathematical Biology (deadline 2018/11/01, posted 2018/09/27)
University of Oldenburg
  1. [W2] Analysis and its applications, W2 Professorship in Analysis and its Applications (deadline 2018/10/05, posted 2018/09/25)
Mathematics, Eckerd College
  1. [APM] Statistics/Any, Assistant Professor of Mathematics (deadline 2018/10/20, posted 2018/09/24)
Department of Mathematics and Statistics, University of Nevada, Reno
  1. [APSTATSX2] Assistant/Associate Professor, Statistics (deadline 2018/11/08, posted 2018/09/21)
Mathematical Sciences, DePaul university
  1. [NTT19] Mathematics, Full-Time Non Tenure Track Faculty (deadline 2018/10/14, posted 2018/09/20)
Mathematics Department, Arkansas Tech University
  1. [APME] Mathematics Education, Assistant Professor of Mathematics Education (deadline 2018/10/26, posted 2018/09/20)
534 0
Mathematics & Statistics, University of Melbourne
  1. [MATHPHYSICS] mathematical physics, LECTURER IN MATHEMATICAL PHYSICS (deadline 2018/11/07*, posted 2018/09/19)
  2. [STATDATASCI] Probability and statistics, LECTURER / SENIOR LECTURER IN STATISTICS (DATA SCIENCES) (deadline 2018/10/31, posted 2018/09/19)
638 0
School of Mathematics and Physics, University of Queensland
  1. [LMS] Mathematics or Statistics, Lecturer in Mathematics or Statistics (deadline 2018/10/16, posted 2018/09/19)
Mathematics, Western Washington University
  1. [GEO] Geometry Topology, Assistant Professor: Geometry/Topology (deadline 2018/10/15, posted 2018/09/18)
930 0
Department of Mathematics, The University of Warwick
  1. [PROFREAD] pure mathematics,, Professor and Reader (deadline 2018/10/21, posted 2018/09/14)
  2. [ASSISTASSOC] pure mathematics, Assistant and Associate Professor (deadline 2018/10/21, posted 2018/09/14)
  3. [WZL] Applied Mathematics, Pure Mathematics, Warwick Zeeman Lecturer (deadline 2018/10/21, posted 2018/09/14)
Melbourne School of Engineering, University of Melbourne
  1. [RFOPTCONTROL] applied mathematics (or equivalent) to conduct mathematical systems theory research on optimal control of continuous time nonlinear dynamical systems, RESEARCH FELLOW IN OPTIMAL CONTROL (deadline 2018/10/29, posted 2018/09/13)
Faculty of Business and Economics, University of Melbourne
  1. [RFOPTCONTROL] applied mathematics (or equivalent) to conduct mathematical systems theory research on optimal control of continuous time nonlinear dynamical systems, RESEARCH FELLOW IN OPTIMAL CONTROL (deleted, deadline 2018/10/29, posted 2018/09/13)
Mathematics & Statistics, University of Melbourne
  1. [RFOPTCONTROL] applied mathematics (or equivalent) to conduct mathematical systems theory research on optimal control of continuous time nonlinear dynamical systems, RESEARCH FELLOW IN OPTIMAL CONTROL (deleted, deadline 2018/10/29, posted 2018/09/13)
Department of Statistics & Data Science, Carnegie Mellon University
  1. [TTP] Statistics/Biostatistics, Teaching-track Professor (all ranks) (deadline 2018/10/19, posted 2018/07/12, updated 2018/09/13)
School of Mathematics, University of Edinburgh
  1. [CF2018] Chancellor's Fellowship Opportunities (deadline 2018/10/15, posted 2018/09/13)
Mathematics, KTH
  1. [ASP] Mathematics, Associate Professor (deadline 2018/11/13, posted 2018/09/13)
Wabash College
  1. [TTAP] Computer Science, Tenure-Track Position in Computer Science (deadline 2018/11/01, posted 2018/09/10)
Département de mathématiques et de statistique, Universite de Montreal
  1. [PASFM] Professor of actuarial science or financial mathematics (deadline 2018/11/05*, posted 2018/09/10)
Booth School of Business, University of Chicago
  1. [RAP1] Assistant/Associate Professor of Econometrics and Statistics (accepting applications, posted 2018/09/06)
AAAS Science & Technology Policy Fellowships
  1. [POLICYFELLOWSHIP] Science & Technology Policy, AAAS Science & Technology Policy Fellows (deadline 2018/11/01, posted 2018/09/05)
392 0
IST Austria (Institute of Science and Technology Austria)
  1. [APP] mathematics, Assistant professor (tenure-track) and professor positions in mathematics (deadline 2018/11/02, posted 2018/09/03)
Associate in Arts Program, University of Delaware
  1. [CTAP] Mathematics, Assistant Professor of Mathematics (deadline 2018/10/15, posted 2018/08/29)
Applied Mathematics Faculty, University of California, Merced
  1. [POSTDOC] Mathematical Biology, Postdoctoral Researcher (deadline 2018/10/01, posted 2018/08/28)
Fashion Institute of Technology
  1. [MATH] Mathematics, Full-Time Faculty Position in Mathematics (posted 2018/08/28)
Mathematics & Statistics, University of Melbourne
  1. [LECPUREMATHS] Pure Mathematics (Algebraic Geometry or Number Theory), Lecturer in Pure Mathematics (Algebraic Geometry or Number Theory) (deadline 2018/10/31, posted 2018/08/28, updated 2018/08/27)
Mathematics and Computer Science, Lehman College, CUNY
  1. [ASSTPROF] Assistant Professor - Mathematics (enddate 2018/11/01, posted 2018/08/24)
Computer Science & Statistics, University of Rhode Island
  1. [MPF] Statistical Science, Multicultural Postdoctoral Fellow (Statistics) (deadline 2018/10/30, posted 2018/08/24)
King’s College London (University of London)
  1. [LECTURER] Financial Mathematics, Lecturer in Financial Mathematics (deadline 2018/10/14, posted 2018/08/23)
Faculty of Mathematics, Bielefeld University
  1. [PROF] Mathematics, particular Analysis, Professor of Mathematics (W3) (deadline 2018/09/30, posted 2018/08/21)
Department of Mathematics, University of Houston
  1. [FAC000692] Mathematics, Assistant Professor - Computational or Applied Mathematics (deleted, posted 2018/10/12, updated 2018/08/21)
1123 0
IXL Learning
  1. [ACD] Math, Associate Curriculum Designer - Math Workbooks (finished, posted 2018/08/16)
Applied and Computational Math and Statistics, University of Notre Dame
  1. [VAPSP18] Visiting Assistant Professor (filled, deadline 2018/11/10, posted 2018/08/13)
Mathematics, Brigham Young Univ.
  1. [PVP] Mathematics, Permanent or Visiting Faculty-Mathematics (deadline 2018/10/15, posted 2018/08/09)
Mathematical Sciences, Purdue Fort Wayne
  1. [AP] Data Science and Applied Statistics, Assistant Professor (deadline 2018/10/01, posted 2018/08/08)
Institute for Quantum Computing, University of Waterloo
  1. [TIER2CRC] quantum information science and technology, Tier 2 Canada Research Chair in Quantum Information Science (deadline 2018/10/15, posted 2018/08/07)
Mathematics, California State University, Fullerton
  1. [APPLMATH2018] Applied Mathematics, Applied Mathematics Tenure Track Search 2018 (deadline 2018/11/04*, posted 2018/07/26)
Department of Mathematics, Ruhr-University Bochum
  1. [PHD1] Probability theory, Ph.D. positions (deadline 2018/08/19, posted 2018/07/20)
Hausdorff Center for Mathematics, University of Bonn
  1. [HCMPD] Mathematics, Hausdorff Postdoc Positions (deadline 2018/10/30, posted 2018/07/19)
Departamento de Atividades Científicas, Instituto de Matematica Pura e Aplicada
  1. [FPM] Mathematics, IMPA Faculty Position in Mathematics (deadline 2018/10/31, posted 2018/07/12)
Département de mathématiques et de Statistique, Université Laval
  1. [STATBD] Statistics (Big Data), Tenure-track position in Statistics (Big Data) (deadline 2018/10/31*, posted 2018/07/11)
695 0
Department of Mathematics and Statistics, York University
  1. [APM] Modelling Infectious Disease Data & Decision Making, Assistant Professor (deadline 2018/10/15*, posted 2018/07/09)
955 0
Instituto de Matemáticas, Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México
  1. [GEOMETRIA] Differential Geometry, Complex Geometry or Algebraic Geometry, Tenure Track Assistant Position (offers accepted, finished, deadline 2018/08/01*, posted 2018/05/31)
Mathematics Department, Bradley University
  1. [VAP] Mathematics, Visiting Instructor/Visiting Assistant Professor of Mathematics (Position Filled, posted 2018/05/14, updated 2018/05/11)
Trinity Washington University
Mathematics, University of Hawaii
  1. [TAP2018] Temporary Assistant Professor (finished, posted 2018/05/10)
Department of Mathematics and Statistics, Bowling Green State University
  1. [NTTF18] Mathematics, Statistics, Instructor (deadline 2018/06/15*, posted 2018/05/10)
  2. [PDS] Statistics, Postdoc in Statistics (deadline 2018/06/15, posted 2018/05/10)
  3. [PDM] Algebra, Real Analysis, Postdoc in Mathematics (deadline 2018/06/15, posted 2018/05/10)
Organ Manufacturing group, United Therapeutics
  1. [BIOTECH] Research & Development, Mathematician, Human Organ Design (deadline 2018/09/30, posted 2018/05/09)
404 0
Mathematics, Northeastern University
  1. [TEACHPROF] Mathematics, Assistant/Associate Teaching Professor in Mathematics (finished, posted 2018/05/07)
Mathematics Department, Fordham University
  1. [LECT18BIS] Mathematics, Lecturer (offers accepted, finished, posted 2018/05/04)
842 0
Art of Problem Solving
  1. [ACADDIR18X] Elementary and Secondary Mathematics, Campus Director/Assistant Director/Math Teacher (enddate 2018/11/03, posted 2018/05/03)
Mathematics, University of Texas at Tyler interview
  1. [VISITINGASSTPROF] Visiting Assistant Professor (filled, posted 2018/05/02)
Department of Mathematics, Universidad Técnica Federico Santa María
  1. [ASSISTANTASSOCIATEPROFESSOR] Mathematics/Statistics/ or Related Fields, Assistant/Associate Professor in Mathematics (deadline 2018/05/11, posted 2018/05/02)
Mathematical Sciences, New Jersey Institute of Technology
  1. [UNIVLECT] Mathematics of Finance, University Lecturer (deadline 2018/07/31, posted 2018/04/30)
Department of Mathematics and Computer Science, Wesleyan University
  1. [VAP] Mathematics, Visiting Assistant Professor (offers accepted, finished, posted 2018/04/30)
Mathematics, Temple University
  1. [NTTINSTRUCTIONAL2018] Instructional NTT Instructor and/or Instructional NTT Assistant Professor (offers accepted, filled, deadline 2018/05/31, posted 2018/04/27)
Department of Mathematics, Imperial College London
  1. [RA] mathematics, physics and engineering applied mathematics, Research Associate in Mathematics (deadline 2018/05/25, posted 2018/04/27)
Mathematics, Temple University
  1. [PAS2018] Computational Mathematics, Postdoctoral Position: Computational Mathematics. Asynchronous Schwarz (offers accepted, filled, deadline 2018/05/15, posted 2018/04/26)
Russian School of Mathematics
  1. [MT] Middle and High School Math Teachers (posted 2018/07/10, updated 2018/04/26)
Mathematics, Manhattan College
  1. [VAP] Visiting Assistant Professor (enddate 2018/10/24, posted 2018/04/24)
The Courant Institute, New York University
  1. [CLIN20] Clinical Faculty Position (filled, deadline 2018/06/01, posted 2018/04/24, updated 2018/04/23)
1667 0
Max Planck Institute for Mathematics in the Sciences
  1. [POSTDOC2] Mathematical Physics, Postdoctoral Researcher in Mathematical Physics (deadline 2018/07/01, posted 2018/04/23)
Mathematics, KTH
  1. [PHD3] Mathematics, PhD Student in mathematics for artificial intelligence (enddate 2018/10/23, posted 2018/04/23)
  2. [PHD2] Mathematics, PhD Students in Algebraic Topology and Mathematical Statistics (enddate 2018/10/23, posted 2018/04/23)
Mathematics, West Virginia University
  1. [VAP] Mathematics, Visiting Assistant Professor – Department of Mathematics (finished, deadline 2018/05/06, posted 2018/04/20)
Mathematics, Lafayette College
  1. [VAP] Mathematics, Visiting Assistant Professor (finished, deadline 2018/05/01, posted 2018/04/18)
Department of Mathematics, University of Louisiana at Lafayette
  1. [PDRA] Applied Mathematics, College of Sciences: Post Doctoral Research Associate (deadline 2018/08/01, posted 2018/04/17)
The College of New Jersey
  1. [VFP] Full-time Visiting Faculty Position in Mathematics and Statistics (finished, deadline 2018/07/31, posted 2018/04/16)
Mathematics, University of California, Davis
  1. [P6L2018] All areas of Mathematics, Pre-Six Lecturer positions for 2018-2019 (posted 2018/04/11)
Mathematical Sciences, New Jersey Institute of Technology
  1. [TTP] Tenure-Track Positions in Applied Math and Math Biology (enddate 2018/11/13, posted 2017/11/13)
College of Mathematics and Statistics,, Shenzhen University
  1. [FACULTYPOSITIONINMATHEMATICSORSTATISTICS] Mathematics or Statistics, Faculty position in Mathematics or Statistics (deadline 2018/11/07, posted 2017/11/06)
Department of Mathematics, Bridgewater State University
  1. [APDM] Assistant Professor, Dept. of Mathematics (finished, posted 2017/11/03)
College of Arts & Sciences, University of South Florida St. Petersburg
  1. [FULLASSOCIATEPROFESSOROFMATHEMATICSORSTA] Full/Associate Professor of Mathematics or Statistics (enddate 2018/10/25, posted 2017/10/25)
  2. [APM] Assistant Professor of Mathematics or Statistics (enddate 2018/10/25, posted 2017/10/25)
Mathematics, Koc University
  1. [FACULTY] All areas of mathematics, Faculty Positions in Mathematics (finished, posted 2017/10/18)
Mathematics, Dartmouth College
  1. [RAPCNT] Mathematics, Research Associate Position in Computational Number Theory (offers accepted, deleted, posted 2017/09/08)
Center of Mathematical Sciences and Applications, Harvard University
  1. [POSTDOC] Mathematical Science/Artificial Intelligence, CMSA Postdoctoral Fellow (finished, deadline 2017/10/01, posted 2017/05/31)
School of Mathematics (Zhuhai), Sun Yat-Sen University interview
  1. [POSTDOC] All areas of mathematics and statistics, Postdoc (deleted, posted 2017/10/17, updated 2016/10/21)

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