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Mathematical Sciences, Susquehanna University
  1. [APMCS] Mathematics and Computer Science, Assistant Professor of Mathematics and Computer Science (posted 2018/08/14)
Mathematics, Statistics, and Computer Science, St. Olaf College
  1. [TAP2019] Analysis, Assistant Professor (posted 2018/08/13)
Mathematics, Shanghai Jiao Tong University
  1. [ZYAP] All areas of mathematics and statistics, Zhiyuan Assistant Professor (posted 2018/08/11)
  2. [TTF] All areas of mathematics and statistics, Tenure-Track Faculty (posted 2018/08/11)
  3. [TF] All areas of mathematics and statistics, Tenured Faculty (posted 2018/08/11)
Mathematics, University of South Carolina
  1. [DASIV] Applied and Computational Mathematics, Tenure-track Assistant Professor (posted 2018/08/07)
Mathematics, University of Surrey
  1. [RESEARCHFELLOW] Department of Mathematics, Research Fellow (posted 2018/08/07)
Mathematics Department, St. Lawrence University
  1. [APSTAT] Statistics, Data Science, Assistant Professor of Statistics or Data Science (posted 2018/08/03)
Mathematics and Computer Science, Santa Clara University
  1. [AP] Applied Mathematics, Operations Research, Statistics, Assistant Professor in Applied Mathematics or Statistics (posted 2018/08/02)
137 0
Department of Mathematics, Stanford University
  1. [MATHX] see text, Math+X Tenure/tenure-track Professor (posted 2018/08/01)
  2. [STANFORDSZG919] see text, Szegö Assistant Professor (posted 2018/08/01)
  3. [TEN] see text, Tenure or Tenure-Track Professor (posted 2018/08/01)
Mathematical Sciences, Stevens Institute of Technology
  1. [ADJ18F] Calculus, Differential Equations, Numerical Analysis, Adjunct Instructor (deadline 2018/08/15, posted 2018/07/30)
  2. [LEC18F] Applied mathematics, probability, stochastic analysis, Lecturer (deadline 2018/08/06, posted 2018/07/19)
1057 0
Mathematics Program, Skidmore College
  1. [VAP] Mathematics and Statistics, Visiting Assistant Professor/Lecturer of Mathematics and Statistics (posted 2018/07/14)
School of Mathematics, Sun Yat-Sen University
  1. [APP1] mathematics and statistics, Associated professor or full professor (posted 2018/06/25)
  2. [RASR1] Research Associate or Senior Researcher (posted 2018/06/25)
College Of Arts and Sciences, SUNY Polytechnic Institute
  1. [VAP] Applied Mathematics, Visiting Assistant Professor of Applied Mathematics (posted 2018/06/19)
Department of Mathematics and Statistics, Swarthmore College
  1. [VAPSTAT] Statistics, Visiting Assistant Professor (posted 2018/06/07)
  2. [TTSTAT] Statistics, Assistant Professor (posted 2018/06/07)
Southeast Center for Mathematics and Biology, Southeast Center for Mathematics and Biology
  1. [SCMBPD] Postdoctoral Scholar (posted 2018/05/29)
Mathematics, Shanghai Jiao Tong University
  1. [PR] Cluster Algebra, Postdoctoral Researcher (posted 2018/05/28)
Mathematics, SUNY Oswego
  1. [VAPSU18] Mathematics, Visiting Assistant Professor of Mathematics (posted 2018/05/25)
School of Mathematics (Zhuhai), Sun Yat-Sen University
  1. [FACULTY2019] all areas, Associate Professor and Professor (posted 2018/05/11)
Mathematics Area, SISSA
  1. [RTB] Algebraic Geometry and related areas, Tenure Track Assistant Professorship at SISSA, Trieste, Italy (posted 2018/03/29)
Math, St. Ambrose University
  1. [ASSTPROF] Probability, statistics & probability, Math Visiting Assistant Professor (posted 2018/03/26)
Department of Mathematics and Computer Science, Stetson University
  1. [VAPMATH] Mathematics, Visiting Assistant Professor of Mathematics (deadline 2018/07/31, posted 2018/03/23)
663 0
Mathematics & Statistics, University of South Florida
  1. [USFFAUCP] Cryptography/Cryptanalysis, Cryptography/Cryptanalysis Postdoctoral Research Scholars (deadline 2018/04/01, posted 2018/03/16)
Institute of Mathematical Sciences, ShanghaiTech University
  1. [PROFESSOR] Pure mathematics,theory of computing,applied mathematics, Faculty positions (posted 2018/03/07)
Skolkovo Institute of Science and Technology
  1. [ASSISTANTPROFESSOR1] Assistant Professor in Natural Language Processing (deadline 2018/04/01, posted 2018/03/07)
  2. [ASSISTANTPROFESSOR] Assistant Professor in Artificial Intelligence (deadline 2018/04/01, posted 2018/03/07)
1600 0
Mathematics and Computer Science, St. Mary's College of Maryland
  1. [VAP] Visiting Assistant Professor (posted 2018/03/01)
College of Mathematics and Statistics,, Shenzhen University
  1. [FACULTYPOSITIONINMATHEMATICSORSTATISTICS] Mathematics or Statistics, Faculty position in Mathematics or Statistics (posted 2017/11/06)
School of Mathematics (Zhuhai), Sun Yat-Sen University
  1. [POSTDOC2019] all areas, Postdoc (posted 2017/11/05)
  2. [RF2019] Research Fellow (posted 2017/11/05)
  3. [FACULTY] Associate Professor and Professor (posted 2017/11/05)
College of Arts & Sciences, University of South Florida St. Petersburg
  1. [FULLASSOCIATEPROFESSOROFMATHEMATICSORSTA] Full/Associate Professor of Mathematics or Statistics (posted 2017/10/25)
  2. [APM] Assistant Professor of Mathematics or Statistics (posted 2017/10/25)
Department of Mathematics, Southern University of Science and Technology
  1. [PDNEW2018] Applied Mathematics, Computational Mathematics, Dynamical Systems, Financial Mathematics, Geometry, Mathematical Biology, PDE and Probability, Postdocs, research assistant professor (posted 2017/09/21)
  2. [VAPNEW2018] All areas of mathematics, applied mathematics and statistics, visiting assistant professor (posted 2017/09/21)

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