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United States:
California (1), Florida (2), Georgia (1), Kansas (1), Kentucky (1), Maryland (1), Massachusetts (4), Michigan (1), Minnesota (1), Missouri (4), New York (1), North Carolina (4), Ohio (1), Pennsylvania (2), Utah (1), Virginia (2), Washington (5), Wisconsin (9), Wyoming (1)
Ontario (12)
Zhejiang (1)
Nordrhein-Westfalen (1)
United Kingdom:
Coventry (1), Coventry West Midlands (3)

Mathematics, Whittier College
  1. [TT] Computer Science and Mathematics, Tenure-Track Assistant Professor in Computer Science and Mathematics (deadline 2017/12/01, California, US)
Mathematics and Statistics, The University of West Florida
  1. [LMS] Mathematics and Statistics, Lecturer - Mathematics and Statistics - 121960 (Florida, US)
  2. [MATHEMATICS] Department of Mathematics and Statistics (Florida, US)
Mathematics, University of West Georgia
  1. [STATISTICS] Statistics, Assistant Professor in Statistics (Georgia, US)
Mathematics, Statistics, and Physics, Wichita State University
  1. [ASSTPROF] Applied Mathematics/Numerical Analysis or Geometry, Assistant Professor (deadline 2017/10/31, Kansas, US)
Department of Mathematics, Western Kentucky University
  1. [MATHED] Math Education, Assistant Professor (deadline 2017/11/16, Kentucky, US)
Washington College interview
  1. [MATHPROF] Mathematics, Assistant Professor of Mathematics (Maryland, US)
Mathematics & Statistics, Williams College
  1. [TTAPS] Statistics, Tenure-track Assistant Professor in Statistics (Massachusetts, US)
Mathematical Sciences, Worcester Polytechnic Institute
  1. [POSTDOC] Mathematics and Statistics, Postdoctoral Scholar (Massachusetts, US)
  2. [PROF] Systems Biology, Professor (Massachusetts, US)
  3. [TTF] Financial Mathematics, Assistant/Associate Professor (Massachusetts, US)
Mathematics, Wayne State University
  1. [AAP] Analysis/Algebra/Statistics, Assistant/Associate Professor (deadline 2017/12/01, Michigan, US)
Mathematics/Statistics Department, Winona State University
  1. [MATH] Mathematics, Assistant Professor of Mathematics (Minnesota, US)
Department of Mathematics, Washington University in St. Louis
  1. [ASSTPROF] Pure Mathematics and Statistics, Assistant Professor (Missouri, US)
  2. [CHMATH] Mathematics, Mathematics Lecturer (Missouri, US)
  3. [CHSTATS] Statistics, Statistics Lecturer (Missouri, US)
  4. [LEC] Mathematics & Statistics, Lecturer (Missouri, US)
1367 0
Wells College
  1. [ASSISTANTPROFESSOR] Mathematics, Mathematics Tenure Track Position (New York, US)
Mathematics, Wingate University
  1. [APM] Mathematics, Assistant Professor of Mathematics (North Carolina, US)
Department of Mathematics and Statistics, Wake Forest University interview
  1. [APA] Analysis, Assistant Professor in Analysis (deadline 2017/12/01, North Carolina, US)
  2. [APS] Statistics, Assistant Professor in Statistics (deadline 2017/12/01, North Carolina, US)
  3. [TSPD] Mathematics and Statistics, Teacher-Scholar Postdoctoral Fellow - Mathematics and Statistics (North Carolina, US)
Mathematics & Statistics, Wright State University
  1. [STATSFAC] Statistics, Tenure-Track Assistant Professor of Statistics (Ohio, US)
Mathematics, Washington & Jefferson College interview
  1. [TTAP] Mathematics, Tenure Track Assistant Professor of Mathematics (deadline 2017/12/01, Pennsylvania, US)
776 0
Mathematics, West Chester University
  1. [APS] Statistics, Tenure-track Assistant/Associate Professorship of Statistics (Pennsylvania, US)
Westminster College
  1. [APM] Assistant Professor of Mathematics (Utah, US)
Mathematics, Washington & Lee University interview
  1. [ASSTPROF] Mathematics, Assistant Professor (deadline 2017/12/01, Virginia, US)
  2. [VAP] Visiting Assistant Professor (deadline 2017/12/01, Virginia, US)
Mathematics, Western Washington University
  1. [DFYMI] First Year Math Instruction, Director of First year Mathematics Instruction (deadline 2017/11/15, Washington, US)
  2. [MATHANAL] Mathematical Analysis, Assistant Professor: Mathematical Analysis (Washington, US)
Applied Mathematics, University of Washington
  1. [CFRMRA] Mathematical Finance, Mathematical Finance Research Associate (Washington, US)
Department of Mathematics, University of Washington
  1. [AAP2018] Acting Assistant Professor (Washington, US)
  2. [AP2018] Assistant Professor (Washington, US)
402 0
Mathematics, University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire
  1. [ASSTPROF18] Math, statistics, actuarial science, math education, AsstProfFall2018 (deadline 2017/10/21, Wisconsin, US)
Center for Sleep and Consciousness, University of Wisconsin - Madison
  1. [POSTDOC] Post-doc position(s) to work on Integrated Information Theory (IIT) (Wisconsin, US)
Department of Mathematics, University of Wisconsin-Madison
  1. [TTAP2018] various, Professor of Mathematics (Wisconsin, US)
  2. [VVAP2018] various, Van Vleck Visiting Assistant Professor (Wisconsin, US)
Mathematics, Statistics & Computer Science Dept., University of Wisconsin-Stout
  1. [MATH17] Assistant Professor of Mathematics (two positions) (Wisconsin, US)
  2. [STAT17] Statistics, Assistant Professor of Statistics (Wisconsin, US)
Department of Mathematical Sciences, University of Wisconsin Milwaukee
  1. [STATSPROF] Statistics, ASSISTANT/ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR (Statistics) (Wisconsin, US)
Mathematical Sciences Department, University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point
  1. [MATHASSISTPROF] Mathematics, Assistant Professor in Mathematics (deadline 2017/11/15, Wisconsin, US)
Department of Mathematics, University of Wisconsin-Whitewater
  1. [TT13526] Mathematics/ Computer Science, Assistant Professor - Data Science (Wisconsin, US)
1533 0
Mathematics, University of Wyoming
  1. [TTAAP] Analysis, Assistant/Associate Professor (Wyoming, US)
Department of Mathematics, The University of Western Ontario
  1. [PDF] Postdoctoral Fellowship (Ontario, CA)
1156 0
Statistical and Actuarial Sciences, The University of Western Ontario
  1. [LTBIOSTATS] Biology & Statistical and Actuarial Science, Limited-Term, Joint Appointment in Biology & Statistical and Actuarial Science (Ontario, CA)
  2. [T2CRCBANKING] Statistical & Actuarial Sciences, Tier-2 Canada Research Chair (CRC) in Banking and Insurance Analytics (Ontario, CA)
  3. [TTACTSCI] Actuarial Science, Probationary (Tenure-track) position in Actuarial Science (Ontario, CA)
  4. [TTDATASCI] Statistical & Actuarial Sciences, Probationary (Tenure-track) position in Data Science (Ontario, CA)
Applied Mathematics, University of Waterloo
  1. [AMPDF2018] scientific computing, control theory, differential equations and dynamical systems, fluid dynamics, mathematical biology and medicine, and mathematical physic, Postdoctoral Fellowship in Appllied Mathematics (Ontario, CA)
231 0
Combinatorics and Optimization, University of Waterloo
  1. [FACULTY2018] Combinatorics & Optimization, Faculty Positions in Combinatorics & Optimization (deadline 2017/12/01, Ontario, CA)
  2. [FACULTY2018LL] Combinatorics & Optimization, Faculty Positions in Combinatorics & Optimization (deadline 2017/12/01*, Ontario, CA)
  3. [PDF] Algebraic graph theory, Postdoctoral fellowship in Algebraic graph theory (Ontario, CA)
Institute for Quantum Computing, University of Waterloo
  1. [ASSISTANTPROFESSOR] quantum computing, Tenure Track Faculty Position (Ontario, CA)
552 0
Pure Mathematics, University of Waterloo
  1. [PDFAAG] Arithmetic/Algebraic Geometry, Postdoctoral Fellow (Ontario, CA)
  2. [PMPDF2018] Pure Mathematics, Pure Mathematics Postdoctoral Fellow (Ontario, CA)
Westlake Institute for Advanced Study
  1. [PI] all areas in Pure Mathematics, Assistant Professor/Associate Professor/Full Professor/Endowed Chair (Zhejiang, CN)
Mathematics Institute, WWU Muenster
  1. [PDTOP] Differential and geometric topology, Postdoc Research Associate (Nordrhein-Westfalen, DE)
742 0
Statistics, The University of Warwick
  1. [PROFREADERASSISTASSOC] statistics, probability, research,, Academic Vacancies (Coventry, GB)
930 0
Department of Mathematics, The University of Warwick
  1. [ASSISTASSOCPROF] applied mathematics, pure mathematics, Assistant and Associate Professor (deadline 2017/12/12, Coventry West Midlands, GB)
  2. [FELLOW] PDEs, geometric measure theory, harmonic analysis, Research Fellow (Coventry West Midlands, GB)
  3. [RFELLOW] phd, isolated vortex lines, geometry, mathematics, Research Fellow (Coventry West Midlands, GB)

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