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Alberta (1), British Columbia (2), Ontario (10), Quebec (2), Saskatchewan (2)

Mathematics & Statistics, University of Calgary
  1. [ACLT] Actuarial Sciences, Limited Term Instructor, Actuarial Science, Department of Mathematics & Statistics, University of Calgary (Alberta, CA)
Department of Mathematics, University of British Columbia
  1. [PDF19] Postdoctoral Fellowships (British Columbia, CA)
  2. [PIMSCRG18] Methods for high-dimensional data analysis, Postdoctoral Position in theory and practice of high-dimensional data analysis (deadline 2018/12/01, British Columbia, CA)
Mathematics & Statistics, McMaster University
  1. [CLA] Mathematics, Statistics, Assistant Professorship (12 month limited term) (Ontario, CA)
  2. [GEOAP] Mathematics, Assistant or Associate Professor - Geometry (Ontario, CA)
  3. [PDFFM] Financial Mathematics, Post-Doctoral Fellowship-Financial Math (deadline 2019/03/01, Ontario, CA)
  4. [STATSAP] Statistics, Assistant Professor-Probability and Statistics (Ontario, CA)
University of Ontario Institute of Technology
  1. [AP] Applied Mathematics, Assistant Professor (deadline 2019/01/04, Ontario, CA)
School of Mathematics & Statistics, Carleton University
  1. [AFP] Statistics with experience in Data Science and Analytics, Associate or Full Professor (Ontario, CA)
  2. [PDF] Mathematics or Statistics, Fields Institute Postdoctoral Fellow Positions (Ontario, CA)
Department of Mathematics, Ryerson University
  1. [PDF] Stochastic Processes / Mathematical Finance, Postdoctoral Fellow (accepting applications, Ontario, CA)
Mathematics, University of Toronto
  1. [18PDF] Mathematics, Applied Mathematics, Postdoctoral Fellowships (deadline 2018/12/03, Ontario, CA)
  2. [TPDF19] Mathematics, Teaching Postdoctoral Fellowships (deadline 2019/02/19, Ontario, CA)
Department of Mathematics and Statistics, McGill University
  1. [FL2019] Statistics, Faculty Lecturer (deadline 2019/05/10, Quebec, CA)
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Centre de recherches mathématiques, Université de Montréal
  1. [SMS_2019] Mathematics, Summer School on Current Trends in Symplectic Topology 2019 (deadline 2019/03/20*, Quebec, CA)
Department of Mathematics and Statistics, University of Saskatchewan
  1. [CBPD] Computational Biology, Computational Biology Postdoc (Saskatchewan, CA)
  2. [STATSTENURETRACK] Statistics, Tenure-Track Position in Statistics (filled, deadline 2019/03/07, Saskatchewan, CA)

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