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Beijing (11), Fujian (1), Guangdong (9), Heilongjiang (5), Hong Kong (1), Hubei (1), Jiangsu (7), Jiangsu Province (2), Shanghai (18), Sichuan (2), Tianjin (1), Zhejiang (2)

Shanghai Center for Mathematical Sciences, Fudan University
  1. [TF1] All areas of pure and applied mathematics, including statistics, Tenured faculty (Shanghai, CN)
  2. [TTF1] All areas of pure and applied mathematics, including statistics, Tenure-track faculty (Shanghai, CN)
NYU Shanghai
  1. [NTT] Mathematics, Mathematics, Non-Tenure Track (Shanghai, CN)
  2. [POSTDOC1] Mathematics, Postdoctoral Fellow - Mathematical Sciences (Shanghai, CN)
  3. [TTT] Mathematics, Mathematics, TENURED/TENURE-TRACK (Shanghai, CN)
  4. [TTT1] Data Science, Data Science, TENURED/TENURE-TRACK (Shanghai, CN)
Mathematics, Shanghai Jiao Tong University
  1. [PDF] All areas of mathematics and statistics, Postdoctoral Fellow (Shanghai, CN)
  2. [PR] Cluster Algebra, Postdoctoral Researcher (Shanghai, CN)
  3. [TF] All areas of mathematics and statistics, Tenured Faculty (Shanghai, CN)
  4. [TTF] Pure and Applied Mathematics, Tenure-Track Faculty (Shanghai, CN)
  5. [TTFS] Statistics, Tenure-Track Faculty (Shanghai, CN)
  6. [ZYAP] All areas of mathematics and statistics, Zhiyuan Assistant Professor (Shanghai, CN)
Institute of Mathematical Sciences, ShanghaiTech University
  1. [RAP] Mathematics, Research Assistant Professor (Shanghai, CN)
  2. [TENUREDTENURETRACKFACULTY] Pure mathematics, theory of computing, applied mathematics, Faculty positions (Shanghai, CN)
  3. [VISITINGSCHOLARS] Mathematics, Visiting Scholars (Shanghai, CN)
Southwest Jiaotong University
  1. [ASSISTANTPROFESSORASSOCIATEPROFESSORPROF] Mathematics/Statistics, Assistant Professor/Associate Professor/Professor (Sichuan, CN)
Southwestern University of Finance and Economics
  1. [OPENRANK] Financial Mathematics, Computational Mathematics, PDE, Stochastic Control and Optimization, Operations research, Game Theory, Probability, Assistant Professor/Associate Professor/Professor (Sichuan, CN)
Center for Applied Mathematics, Tianjin University
  1. [TTTP20] Pure Mathematics & Applied Mathematics & Computer Science & Bioinformatics, Tenured/Tenure-Track/Postdoctoral Positions at the Center for Applied Mathematics, Tianjin University, China (Tianjin, CN)
School of Mathematical Sciences, Zhejiang University
  1. [TENURETRACKANDTENUREDFACULTY] Multiple Open Faculty Positions in School of Mathematical Sciences at Zhejiang University, Hangzhou, China (Zhejiang, CN)
The Center for Data Science, Zhejiang University
  1. [ASSISTANTASSOCIATEFULLPROFESSOR] statistical theory and methodology, data mining, big data analytics, econometrics, and machine learning., Full-time Assistant /Associate/Full Professor (Zhejiang, CN)

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