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The College of New Jersey
  1. [ASSISTANTPROFESSOR] Applied Mathematics, Assistant Professor (accepting applications, Tenured/Tenure-track faculty)
674 0
Department of Mathematics & Computer Science, The College of Wooster
  1. [TTAP2] Mathematics or Statistics, Assistant Professor, Mathematics or Statistics, Tenure-track-2 positions (Tenured/Tenure-track faculty)
Statistics and Applied Probability, University of California Santa Barbara
  1. [ASSTPROFSTATS] Statistics, Assistant Professor in Department of Statistics & Applied Probability (deadline 2018/12/01, Tenured/Tenure-track faculty)
  2. [LSOE] Actuarial Science, Open Level Lecturer with Security of Employment in Actuarial Science (deadline 2018/11/25, Tenured/Tenure-track faculty)
Department of Mathematics, University of California, Los Angeles
  1. [TTP] Mathematics, Tenure Track/Tenured Faculty (Tenured/Tenure-track faculty)
  2. [TTPFAM] Mathematics, Tenure-Track/Tenured Faculty Position with emphasis on Financial/Actuarial Mathematics (Tenured/Tenure-track faculty)
Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, University of California, Los Angeles
  1. [QUANTEEB] Ecology, Evolution, Biology, Statistics, Quantitative Ecologist or Evolutionary Biologist: Open rank faculty position (Tenured/Tenure-track faculty)
217 0
Department of Mathematics, University of California, Riverside
  1. [APPLIEDMATH] APPLIED MATHEMATICS, Assistant Professor of Applied Mathematics (Tenured/Tenure-track faculty)
  2. [APPLIEDMATH1] APPLIED MATHEMATICS, Tenure-Track Faculty Positions for Emerging Scholars in Applied Mathematics with Initial Postdoctoral Year (Tenured/Tenure-track faculty)
  3. [PUREMATH] Pure Mathematics, Assistant Professor of Pure Mathematics (Tenured/Tenure-track faculty)
  4. [PUREMATH1] Pure Mathematics, Tenure-Track Faculty Positions for Emerging Scholars in Pure Mathematics with Initial Postdoctoral Year (Tenured/Tenure-track faculty)
Mathematics Department, University of California, Santa Barbara
  1. [ASSTASSOCPROF] Geometric Topology, Assistant/Associate Level Faculty Position – Geometric Topology – Department of Mathematics (Tenured/Tenure-track faculty)
Mathematics, University of Central Florida
  1. [AP] Applied Mathematics, Assistant Professor (Tenured/Tenure-track faculty)
  2. [CAP] Cryptography, Assistant or Associate Professor, Cyber Security & Privacy (Tenured/Tenure-track faculty)
Department of Statistics, University of Chicago
  1. [CAMI] Applied Math; Statistics, Assistant Professor, req 03894 (Tenured/Tenure-track faculty)
  2. [STATS03893] Statistics, Assistant Professor req 03893 (Tenured/Tenure-track faculty)
Mathematical Sciences, University of Cincinnati
  1. [TTAPPDE] TTAPPDE (deadline 2018/12/01, Tenured/Tenure-track faculty)
Electrical, Computer and Energy Engineering Department, University of Colorado - Boulder
  1. [ORFP] Quantum Information Science and Engineering, Open Rank Faculty Positions in Quantum Information Science and Engineering (deadline 2018/11/15, Tenured/Tenure-track faculty)
Department of Applied Mathematics, University of Colorado at Boulder
  1. [APPM2187] Applied Mathematics, Assistant Professor of Applied Mathematics (deadline 2018/11/30, Tenured/Tenure-track faculty)
821 0
University of Copenhagen
  1. [SPTTT] Tenure-track assistant Professor of Statistics, Tenure-track assistant Professor of Statistics (Tenured/Tenure-track faculty)
  2. [TTT2018] Tenured/Tenure-track positions in Mathematics (deadline 2018/10/15, Tenured/Tenure-track faculty)

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