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Mathematics, College of Charleston interview
  1. [APTT] Mathematics, Assistant Professor (South Carolina, US)
  2. [INST] Mathematics, Instructor (South Carolina, US)
School of Mathematical and Statistical Sciences, Clemson University
  1. [DOT] Director of the School of Mathematical and Statistical Sciences (South Carolina, US)
  2. [POSTDOCTORAL] Coding Theory, Cryptography, and Number Theory, RTG Postdoctoral Position (South Carolina, US)
  3. [STAT] Applied Statistics, Applied Statistics (deadline 2018/11/30, South Carolina, US)
  4. [STATCOMP] Probabilty/statistics or computational math, Probabilty/statistics or computational math (South Carolina, US)
Mathematics, University of South Carolina
  1. [DASIV] Applied and Computational Mathematics, Tenure-track Assistant Professor (deadline 2018/11/12, South Carolina, US)
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Department of Mathematics, Furman University
  1. [ORTT19] Mathematics, Applied Mathematics, or Statistics, Open-Rank Tenure-Track Professor of Mathematics (deadline 2018/11/11, South Carolina, US)
  2. [VAP19] Mathematics, Applied Mathematics, or Statistics, Visiting Assistant Professor of Mathematics (South Carolina, US)
Converse College
  1. [APM] Assistant Professor of Mathematics and Data Science (South Carolina, US)

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