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Quebec (8)

Concordia University, Dept. of Mathematics & Statistics
  1. [ACTUMATH] Actuarial Mathematics, Actuarial Mathematics (deadline 2019/12/02, Quebec, CA)
Concordia University, School of Graduate Studies
  1. [POSTDOCTORAL] Number Theory, p-adic Families for Orthogonal Groups and their p-adic L-functions (Quebec, CA)
HEC Montreal, Decision Science
  1. [RAP] Quantitative finance, financial engineering, Tenure-track or tenured professor in Quantitative Finance (deadline 2019/10/15, Quebec, CA)
  2. [RAP1] Machine learning, Tenure-track or tenured professor in Machine Learning (deadline 2019/12/15, Quebec, CA)
McGill University, Department of Mathematics and Statistics
  1. [COMBOPT] Discrete and Combinatorial Optimization, Tenure Track position in Discrete and Combinatorial Optimization (deadline 2019/11/15, Quebec, CA)
  2. [COMPSTAT] Computational Statistics and Statistical Learning, Tenure Track position in Computational Statistics and Statistical Learning (deadline 2019/11/15, Quebec, CA)
  3. [FLSTATS2019] Statistics, Faculty Lecturer (deadline 2020/02/15, Quebec, CA)
  4. [PDF2019] Probability theory and related fields, Postdoctoral Fellow (deadline 2019/12/10, Quebec, CA)

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