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Ile-de-France (11)

Institut des Hautes Etudes Scientifiques
  1. [CARMIN] Postdoctoral position funded by the CARMIN Programme (Ile-de-France, FR)
  2. [DIGGES] Discrete Groups and Geometric Structures, poostdoc position as part of the ERC DiGGeS (Ile-de-France, FR)
  3. [ERCCRIBLAM] Postdoctoral position funded by the ERC Starting Grant – Critical Behavior of Lattice Models (Ile-de-France, FR)
  4. [POSTDOCPOSITION] Postdoctoral position in mathematics and physics (Ile-de-France, FR)
  5. [RENEWQUANTUM] Postdoctoral position funded by the ERC Synergy Grant – Recursive and Exact New Quantum Theory (ReNew Quantum) (Ile-de-France, FR)
  6. [SIMONSPROGRAMME] Postdoctoral position funded by the funded by the Simons Foundation Program « Simons Collaboration in Mathematics and the Physical Sciences » (Ile-de-France, FR)
Université Paris-Sud/CNRS, ERC project CohoSing
  1. [POSTDOC] Arithmetic Geometry, Postdoctoral positions in Arithmetic Geometry at the Université Paris-Sud (Ile-de-France, FR)
Fondation Sciences Mathématiques de Paris
  1. [CHAIR] Mathematics, Fundamental computer science, Research Chair of Excellence (Ile-de-France, FR)
  2. [MASTER] Mathematics, Fundamental computer science, Master scholarships (Ile-de-France, FR)
  3. [POSTDOC1] Mathematics, Fundamental computer science, Postdoc positions (Ile-de-France, FR)
The American University of Paris, Computer Science, Mathematics and Environmental Science
  1. [APS] Assistant Professor in Statistics (or a quantitative discipline in an area related to Data Science) (Ile-de-France, FR)

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