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Questions about:

      Creating/Renewing Account

    How does my department register for Mathjobs?
      ONE PERSON registers and then is responsible to sign up additional users from the department. From the Mathjobs main page select New Employer from the top menu bar. Complete the Employer Request Form and submit. It will take one or two business days for your account to be approved. Once the account is approved, a notification email will be sent to the Admin Email address you submitted and you can begin using it. Make a note of the password entered in the account request screen, since it will be needed to re-enter the account. The annual fee is normally paid by credit card at the time the request form is submitted, but the charge will only be made if the account is approved.

    How do we renew our account?
      To renew your registration log onto Mathjobs, click Config on the top menu. On the screen that appears you'll see the text (noted below) near the top. Please click on the HERE button as instructed, update the registration form and hit submit.

      (Your group account expires in __ days with __ job slots left, click here to renew whenever you like)

      Setting passwords and access permissions

    How do I let other faculty and staff get into Mathjobs?
      NEVER share your identity with a colleague; each user must have their own login. The original group manager can create all other group manager and faculty identities. Remember that group managers and faculty have different choices and utilities in Mathjobs. Any group manager can use the "AsFac" link on the Admin menu to switch to faculty mode.

      As group manager you can provided access for your department faculty by opening the Config screen and scrolling down to the box entitled List of email addresses and passwords of faculty who can review all job applications to your job postings. To add new group managers, enter those identities in the box above that, called Enter email addresses and passwords of Group Managers.

      You can either assign passwords

      emailaddress : : newpassword

      and submit the screen (if you assign the passwords, be sure to encourage your faculty members to change it to something of their choosing when they first access mathjobs)

      OR, you can let mathjobs set the password. To let the system set the password type

      emailaddress : :

      then submit the screen. Mathjobs will automatically email a password to the faculty member.

      In either case, when you next return to the Config screen you will see that the password has encoded itself and now sits between the two colons. The password will never be viewable again; if problems develop, assign a new password using the instructions above.

    Can I limit which applications a faculty member can see?
      Yes, it is possible to limit access to job applications by some or all of your faculty. Click on this link: mathjobs/link/config.html

      and scroll down to number 3. This will provide you with all the information you need to set access permissions for faculty access to job applications. Full access is the default already set in your account. IF all faculty in your faculty box should have unlimited access, please do not use the limit access screens.

      Job Postings

    How do I post a job?
      Use the NewJob function on the admin menu. Note that there is a section on your Config screen where certain questions can be set up for ALL of your job listings. Use the question section of the job screen for questions that only apply to that job.

    How do I edit a job posting?
      Log in as a group manager and go to JOBS. Next to each job is an EDIT button. That takes you to the job entry screen. Make any changes, and submit.

      NEVER edit an old posting to use it again in the current year, this will keep all old applicants in place. If needed, you can DUPLICATE an old listing to create a new job listing.

    How do I change my job listing and/or job deadline date?
      Go to Jobs, and click the edit button for that job. Then scroll down to either List this job or Deadline, change the date(s) and hit submit.

      Note there are three date boxes on each job screen:

      List this job shows the dates between which you want this job to be visible to applicants. This controls when the ad is seen publicly.

      Deadline shows the last date a new application should be submitted through Mathjobs (plus a box right there which you should only check if you DO NOT want late applications).

    Can I send email to all the applicants who have applied for a job all at once?
      Yes, just go to the Mail function in the Admin menu (you must be logged in as a group manager). In the Query section of that screen select the appropriate criteria. After selecting the recipients, you type in your message and send. Separate emails are sent to each. Previously sent messages are saved at the bottom of the screen.

    How do I get all applicants to answer a question when applying?
      Use the Ask Applicants this question boxes on the Config screen, being sure to checkmark them. A question suitable for one job only should be asked on the job entry screen.

    How do I use the Required Material box?
      First of all, remember that the text of your ad is the place to notify applicants about your requirements. The boxes in Required Materials should only be used for separate documents that need to be individually entered into Mathjobs. So it would be inappropriate to enter an item such as (Be sure all materials are received by November 12) since that, itself, is not a document that an applicant can upload to satisfy the requirement.

      NEVER ASK FOR THE COVERSHEET because that is already included in every applicant account. You will always see the coversheet each time you click on an applicant name.

      In the Required Materials box:

      • the check box means yes, require this item
      • the number means the minimum you require for that item. 0 (zero) means they MAY submit some of that item but it is not required, and a + (plus sign) after your number means that you are giving a minimum but will allow additional uploads.
      • If you do not want any of a certain item named in the list, simply do not checkmark it.
      • If you need an additional document name, just type it in to an empty box and checkmark that line. NEVER ask for the coversheet.
      • OnLine and PostalMail refer to whether you expect the item to be submitted through Mathjobs (that is normal) or sent, for some reason, by postal mail instead. If you want something by postal mail, be sure you have given a mailing address in the text box that contains the complete job description.
      • Writers contact info only refers to a case where you are NOT asking for reference letters at this time (for instance, a more senior position) but you need contact info in order to be able to contact the reference later.

      Download/export data

    How do I download/export data?
      Download data onto your own computer in two ways:

      • Labels is where you select fields for downloading onto your own computer, for use in producing labels, lists or merge letters from your own software.
      • Snaps allows you to download, in one zip file, all current application materials. You can store this large file on your own computer system for safekeeping or viewing. It's best to do a snapshot when the hiring is done and you need to store a record of the applications for a few years. The screen will tell you when previous snapshots were taken. Snapshots CANNOT be made a year or two later; you need to take them when the job is current, before applicants have a chance to delete materials.

      EOE Data
      EOE data can be collected by marking the EOE question on the CONFIG screen at the time the job is posted. Applicants will be asked the questions that appear in the box. These questions can be edited by someone who understands some basics of perl scripting and follows all the rules mentioned there. The EOE data collected is available, in summary form, to group managers. To create special access for an institutional EOE officer, a login identity can be created in the box List of email addresses which can access raw EOE data When that person logs in, fuller data will be available. Questions about using the EOE functions should be sent to or call 800-321-4267 ext. 4105 or 4124.

      Applicant list and files

    How do I search/sort this list?
      Any column heading can be clicked to sort by that column. For more sophisticated searching, use the SEARCH feature on the menu to create and save specific searches. These search filters will then start appearing as options on your List.

    What does the + sign next to an applicant name mean?
      When you click on the + sign next to an applicant name, it opens a text box which allows you enter comments regarding the applicant.

    What does the + sign next to a reference writer name mean?
      When you click on the + sign next to a reference writer name, you are able to upload a scanned reference letter.

    What can I do with a paper application, or reference letter?
      When paper applications come in, use the NEW APP form to enter an email into the Mathjobs system and generate an email message which will advise the applicant to go to Mathjobs and apply there. You can see any names you already entered, and their status, by looking at the No Cover list under the ADMIN menu.

      When you receive a paper reference letter, you can scan the letter and upload it into that applicants file. Be sure to set the scanner to black & white, and use a fairly low resolution. Always enter reference letters onto the proper line for that writers name; use the green + button to pull up the upload screen. After uploading, the pdf of the document should show in that line. Applicants cannot access any document that you put into the reference section. If you do not need to scan and upload the letter, you may want to just mark it as received.

    What does Processed and Complete mean on the List?
      Processed can be automatically marked when you use the Labels function. Otherwise, the group manager can mark these two columns as they like.

    My job is now finished; where did my LIST go?
      Group managers control the status of each job by using the status line at the bottom of each job edit screen:
      • Current the correct setting for a job where you are accepting applications, or still reviewing applications. Deadlines and public-display dates are set using the date fields mentioned above.
      • Withdrawn rarely used; appropriate for a short-lived job posting which received some applications before you had to stop your search.
      • Filled this shows a Filled status to all who see the job listing, but your LIST remains in place. Appropriate for the period after hiring, while some contact and record storage is still needed.
      • Finished the normal status after the hiring is complete. The LIST for that job will no longer be accessible on the list screen. A job listing which is six months past its deadline or six months past the list until date (whichever is earlier) will roll automatically to Finished status.
      • Deleted (danger!) -- almost never used, this is appropriate only for a listing that was created in error and received no applications.

    Are the faculty seeing the same screens that a group manager sees?
      Not exactly. Use the AsFac choice on the Admin menu to see what the faculty view is like. Faculty cannot access the Config screen, or change any job listings. They have extra options for ranking applications.

    Further questions?
      Call AMS staff at 800-321-4267, ext, 4096 or ext. 4060.

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