What is MathJobs.Org?
       What it is ...

Mathjobs.org is an automated job application system, sponsored by the American Mathematical Society. We welcome all job applicants with advanced degrees in Mathematics. Academic employers in North America are encouraged to utilize Mathjobs.org if they are interested in reaching more mathematicians and receiving job applications electronically.

The system is free for applicants. Applicant data is confidential, unless the applicant makes it public to enrolled employers by selecting the "Free agent" choice on the coversheet. After registration and data entry, applicants can apply for jobs, keep track of applications, print out paper coversheets, and invite their reference writers to submit letters into the system.

Employers can conduct their recruiting entirely online, without setting up and maintaining their own servers and databases. Although this system is primarily intended for the job application process, employers are also able to use a posting-only option if desired. Full application accounts are limited to North American employers only.

No login account is necessary to view the jobs listings (at the View Jobs link in the MathJobs.Org header) and the list of registered employers (at the Registered Employers link). These items allow public access.

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