Department of Mathematics and Statistics, Northern Arizona University

Northern Arizona University is a 26,000-student institution with its main campus in Flagstaff, a four-season community of about 67,000 at the base of the majestic San Francisco Peaks. NAU’s emphasis on undergraduate education is enhanced by its graduate programs and research as well as distance learning. All faculty members are expected to promote student learning and help students achieve academic outcomes. The university is committed to a diverse and civil working and learning environment. The Department of Mathematics and Statistics has 32 permanent faculty and offers bachelors’ degrees in mathematics and secondary education in mathematics; masters’ degrees in statistics, mathematics, and mathematics education; and a graduate certificate in applied statistics. For more information about the department visit

  1. [ASSISTANTPROFESSOR] Assistant Professor (deadline 2017/03/31)
  2. [INSTRUCTOR] Instructor(s) (2017/05/07)
  3. [LECTURER] Lecturer(s) (deadline 2017/03/31)

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