Bowdoin College, Mathematics

Founded in 1794 on the Maine coast, Bowdoin is one of the oldest and most selective coeducational, residential liberal arts colleges in the country. Bowdoin's reputation rests on the excellence of its faculty and students, its intimate size, strong sense of community, commitment to diversity (31% students of color, 5% international students and approximately 15% first generation college students), and treasured links with the people, history, and natural beauty of Maine. Bowdoin College is committed to equality and is an equal opportunity employer.

  1. [LMATH] All fields of mathematics and statistics, Two Lecturers in Mathematics (deadline 2023/11/27 11:59PM)
  2. [TTMATH] All fields of mathematics and statistics, Two Tenure-Track Positions in Mathematics (deadline 2023/11/17 11:59PM)

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