Singapore University of Technology and Design, Engineering Systems and Design (ESD)

  1. [LSL] Engineering Systems, operations research, Lecturer/Senior Lecturer/Professor of Practice (deadline 2023/03/31 11:59PM)
  2. [PHD] Operations research, stochastic modeling, optimization, game theory, data analytics, PhD student (deadline 2023/02/28 11:59PM)
  3. [RA] Air-traffic Management Research, Research Assistant (deadline 2023/04/30 11:59PM)
  4. [RARF] Aviation Policy Research, Research Assistant / Post Doc (2023/05/31 11:59PM)
  5. [TT] Engineering Systems, operations research, Tenure-track/tenured faculty (deadline 2023/03/31 11:59PM)

(5 positions listed)