Ulm University, Institute of Algebra and Number Theory

PhD Student (Wissenschaftlicher Mitarbeiter/-in; TVL-E13) The Institute of Algebra and Number Theory at Ulm University is offering 2 positions for PhD students in arithmetic algebraic geometry starting October 1, 2022. The research in our group focuses on arithmetic and geometric aspects of curves. Possible themes of the PhD project are Galois representations of curves, semistable reduction and curves of small genus. Applications including a curriculum vitae, transcript of records, and references for recommendation letters, can be sent to Ms. Bernadette Maiwald. Further questions about the position are also most welcome, and can be sent to Prof. Dr. Irene I. Bouw (irene.bouw@uni-ulm.de) or Prof. Dr. Stefan Wewers (stefan.wewers@uni-ulm.de). Applications received by the end of July 2022 will have priority.

  1. [PHD] Arithmetic and Geometric aspects of curves, 2 PhD Students (Wissenschaftlicher Mitarbeiter/-in; TVL-E13) (deadline 2022/07/31 11:59PM)

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