American University of Paris, Academic Affairs

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The American University of Paris.

Founded in 1962, The American University of Paris (AUP) is a small, undergraduate and master’s degree-granting institution with a Liberal Arts core, dedicated to the advancement of the Arts & Sciences in an international and multicultural environment. AUP brings together the values of the American higher education system with its location in Paris and Europe.

Located at the crossroads of American and European institutions of higher education and research, AUP facilitates its faculty’s development of an international and stimulating professional network. The Commission on Higher Education of the Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools accredits AUP in the United States of America. AUP has cooperative agreements with USA and European-based universities.

The Department of Computer Science, Mathematics & Environmental Science.

Cherishing the ideals of the liberal arts, the Department of Computer Science, Mathematics and Environmental Science aims for a contextualized and active learning approach. Emphasizing interdisciplinary education and research, the department maintains close ties with other departments within the University as well as with research centres, universities, and industry in Europe and all over the world. The full-time faculty in the department have expertise in a diverse collection of disciplines including number theory, group theory, statistics, computer science, data science, artificial intelligence, automated reasoning, human-computer interaction, evolutionary biology, behavioural ecology, biodiversity, biophysics, planetary science, astronomy, and climate.

The department hosts majors in Mathematics and Computer Science, in Computer Science, in Quantitative Environmental Science, and in Environmental Studies, along with six minors, and a small but growing curriculum in Data Science, including a master’s program in Human Rights and Data Science. We contribute to AUP’s innovative Global Liberal Arts Core Curriculum by providing AUP students with skills for quantitative, experimental and abstract reasoning; comprehension, analysis, and integration of knowledge; digital literacy and critical thinking; and skills to formulate and efficiently solve problems.

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