Universidad de Chile, Center for Mathematical Modeling

The Center for Mathematical Modeling (CMM) is one of the leading centers for research in mathematics and its applications in Latin America. It is situated in Santiago de Chile. The main base of the center is at the University of Chile. CMM is also an International Research Laboratory of the CNRS (France). CMM provides a thriving research environment for all its members and the many international visitors it receives each year. The main mathematical research lines of the center are Algorithms and Combinatorics; Mathematical Mechanics and Inverse Problems; Nonlinear Analysis and Partial Differential Equations; Numerical Analysis of PDEs; Optimization and Equilibrium; Probability and Ergodic Theory. In addition to the theoretical lines of research, the center also has the following applied and educational research lines: Climate & Biodiversity; Data Science; Digital Health; Digital Mining; Resource Management; Mathematics Education.

  1. [POSTDOC] Postdoc in Digital Health - Mathematical Epidemiology (2024/12/24 11:59PM)

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