Korea Institute For Advanced Study (KIAS), School of Mathematics

Korea Institute for Advanced Study was founded in 1996 by the Korean Government to promote research excellence in the basic sciences. KIAS provides its members with a highly interactive, supportive, and dynamic research-friendly environment. Currently, KIAS is comprised of approximately 20 regular faculty members and 80 plus postdoctoral research fellows at the School of Mathematics, the School of Physics, and the School of Computational Sciences.

KIAS is an open institute of dynamic scientific interactions. Scientists from all over the world visit KIAS for collaborative research, sabbatical leave, and other research activities organized by the Institute. KIAS also hosts numerous conferences, seminars, workshops, and seasonal schools. Given its global environment - faculty and research bodies composed of diverse nationality, competitive programs developed by the world's most recognized scholars and scientists.

KIAS welcomes as much interactions as possible with academic communities and research organizations around the world.

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