McMaster University, Mathematics & Statistics

The Mathematics & Statistics department at McMaster University is a large-sized department of 35 regular faculty members and a rolling average of 15 post-doctoral fellows and 100 graduate students. The current research areas in the department are Actuarial and Financial Mathematics, Algebra, Analysis, Applied Mathematics, Computational Statistics and Data Science, Geometry and Topology, Mathematical Biology, Mathematical Logic and Probability and Statistics. Regular seminars in each of these areas and the weekly Colloquium feature some of the world's most prominent mathematicians. The department is well-known throughout the world mathematical community for the high quality of research, education and training.

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  1. [BPDF] Mathematics, Britton Post-Doctoral Fellowship 2024 (deadline 2023/12/15 11:59PM)
  2. [PDF] Mathematics, Post-Doctoral Fellowship 2024 (deadline 2024/01/03 11:59PM)

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