The University of Arizona, Department of Mathematics

The Mathematics Department at The University of Arizona has always embraced a broad view of its mission, including leadership in the fields of Algebra, Analysis, Applied Mathematics, Geometry, Mathematical Education, Mathematical Physics, Probability and Statistics, as well as cutting-edge interdisciplinary research involving other sciences.

We emphasize the art of teaching as well as the cultivation of the next generation of mathematics teachers, and we engage in outreach to our local and state communities.

Please consult our website at for additional information.

  1. [UAPDRAI] Mathematics or a related field, Postdoctoral Research Associate I
  2. [UAPDRTG] Applied Mathematics and Statistics, Postdoctoral Research Associate I
  3. [UATNTRKAM] Applied Mathematics, broadly construed, Assistant/Associate Prof, Applied Math
  4. [UATNTRKM] Mathematics, Assistant/Associate Prof, Math
  5. [UATNTRKSDS] Statistics and Data Science, broadly construed, Assistant/Associate Prof, Stats & DS

(5 positions listed)