University of Utrecht, Department of Mathematics

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The Mathematical Institute in the department of Mathematics is internationally recognised for its research in both pure and applied mathematics. It houses the Utrecht Centre for Mathematical Modelling and Utrecht Geometry Centre and maintains a long-standing tradition of transdisciplinary collaboration with other scientific fields including, among others, atmosphere/ocean sciences, computational life sciences, mathematical biology, medical and seismic imaging, and theoretical physics. The Mathematical Institute has close ties with the Departments of Biology, Physics, Information and Computing Sciences, the Faculty of Geosciences, UMCU (Utrecht University Medical Center), and institutes such as IMAU (Institute for Marine and Atmospheric research), RIVM (The Dutch National Institute for Public Health and the Environment) and CWI (the National Research Institute for Mathematics and Computer science). We participate in university focus areas in Complex Systems and Applied Data Science. The institute organises and teaches the Bachelor's curricula in Mathematics as well as the (English-taught) Master's programme. The institute currently comprises about 40 faculty members, 11 Postdocs, and 29 PhD candidates, and teaches 500 students. Additional information about the Institute can be found at An overview of research interests of our permanent staff can be found at

  1. [PHDMATHOFSPATIALNETWORKS] Mathematics of spatial networks, PhD position in Mathematics of Spatial Networks (deadline 2024/07/08 11:59PM)

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