Physics Department, National Central University

Position ID: 1825-PD [#10365]
Position Title: Causal Structure of Gravitational Waves And Green's Functions In Curved Spacetimes
Position Type: Postdoctoral
Position Location: Taoyuan, Taoyuan 32001, Taiwan [map]
Subject Areas: Partial Differential Equations, Mathematical Physics
Application Deadline: 2018/02/28 finished (2017/06/20, finished 2018/02/27)
Position Description:    

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The Department of Physics at National Central University in Taoyuan, Taiwan is offering a 1+1 year postdoctoral scholar position. The postdoctoral scholar will be working closely with Associate Professor Yi-Zen Chu, a theoretical gravitational physicist, cosmologist and field theorist. He is seeking a pure/applied mathematician with a strong background in partial differential equations and who is also interested in working on physics-inspired problems. The primary goal is to explore various methods of computing real/position-spacetime Green's functions of wave equations in cosmological and black hole geometries. 

Many decades ago Jacques Hadamard showed, generically, that waves associated with massless particles would propagate both on the null-cone and inside it -- this latter portion is known as the tail. Future generation gravitational wave detectors such as LISA, Taiji and TianQin will look for spacetime vibrations generated by solar mass objects orbiting near and subsequently plunging into the horizons of super-massive black holes residing at the center of many galaxies, including our own Milky Way. In order to properly model the gravitational waves emitted by such systems, the tail-induced self-forces they experience need to be computed properly, at least within the de Donder gauge condition of General Relativity linearized about black hole background geometries. Finding ways to understand the tail of the gravitational Green's functions is key to this program. 

Please write to Yi-Zen Chu directly (yizen [dot] chu [at] gmail [dot] com) if you are interested in this position. Do provide a brief description of your background in both mathematics and physics, including an explanation of why you think you might be a good match; a statement of current physics-related research interests; and a copy of your academic CV. Please have 3 referees send their letters of recommendations directly to the above e-mail address; but do ensure they are aware their letters will be read by a theoretical physicist.

The position is intended to begin Spring 2018 (February or so), but the starting date can likely be significantly earlier. Applications will be evaluated on a rolling basis, so please initiate contact with Yi-Zen Chu as soon as possible. If you are a potential candidate interested in the latter's most relevant publications -- they have the following arXiv identifiers: 1611.00018, 1603.00151, 1504.06337, 1310.2939, 1305.6933, and 1108.1825.  

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Contact: Yi-Zen Chu
Postal Mail:
Department of Physics,
National Central University,
No. 300, Zhongda Rd., Zhongli District,
Taoyuan City 32001, Taiwan
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