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Application ID: 2431-SCAN [#15565]
Application Title: Applications of Mathematics for Space Communications and Navigation - NASA Glenn
Application Type: Government or industry
Application Location: Cleveland, Ohio 44135, United States
Subject Area: Pure Mathematics and Applied Mathematics
Application Deadline: 2020/04/01help popup (offers accepted , listed until 2020/04/01)
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The goal of this opportunity is to assemble a group of math students to conduct research towards applying such disciplines as algebraic topology and algebraic geometry to engineering problems. In the past this has included topological data analysis (TDA), computational homology, (cellular) sheaf theory, and more. Typically we try to get some publications out based on the work. We have explored applications towards such areas as networking, machine learning, and robotics. Below is a list of topics, which includes continuing existing research and new projects we wish to start. We are open to suggestions, and the hope is that the following is considered more for inspiration than as a prescription: * Applications of sheaves to communications networks (in particular, delay tolerant networking) * Using topological data analysis or other tools to tease apart the underlying geometrical structure of the category of neural networks (see: * Applications of sheaf-theoretic sampling to investigate clock recovery, clock distribution, and antenna arraying (see:, * Using sheaves to improve the analysis of ground penetrating radar.

NASA's Space Communications and Navigation (SCaN) Program Office, a division of the Human Exploration and Operations Mission Directorate at NASA Headquarters in Washington, provides programmatic oversight of NASA's networks, advanced communication technologies, and other space communication requirements. These capabilities form the backbone of all NASA missions, providing critical connectivity from spacecraft to ground. SCaN provides the strategic guidance necessary to ensure NASA's space communication resources continue to meet the needs of their customers and the agency for years to come. SCaN is actively engaged in the wider international community dedicated to interoperability and compatibility for space communications and navigation. To learn more:

The SCaN Intern Project (SIP) at the NASA Glenn Research Center (GRC) is a ten-week-long summer paid internship where High School, Undergraduate, and Graduate students gain hands on experience working with NASA mentors on projects in specialized areas of Space Communication and Navigation. SIP introduces students to powerful communication systems and network software tools, allowing them to design and analyze space communication systems and networks. This interdisciplinary internship program was designed for both students in STEM and none-STEM related fields. To learn more:

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