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Position ID: 2471-PROF [#15690]
Position Title: Tenure Track Position in Applied Mathematics
Position Type: Tenured/Tenure-track faculty
Position Location: Tallinn, Harjumaa 10120, Estonia [map]
Subject Area: Applied Mathematics
Application Deadline: 2020/03/10 11:59PMhelp popup finished (2020/02/17, finished 2020/06/29, listed until 2020/06/01)
Position Description:    

*** this position has been closed. ***

Position: Tenure Track Professorship (career level I - Associate Professor) Academic unit: School of Digital Technologies Study area: Mathematics and Didactics of Mathematics The position will be filled by 01.09.2020

School of Digital Technologies is the only school in Tallinn that offers university degree in mathematics. Mathematics and Didactics of Mathematics is one of the study areas of the School of Digital Technologies. Other academic areas of the school are: Applied Informatics, Human-Computer Interaction, Information Sciences and Technology Enhanced Learning. The main areas of mathematics teachers’ currently working at the school are: summability, insurance mathematics, topological algebras, Fourier analysis, algebraic number fields. The doctoral program Information Society Technologies of the school accepts topics of experimental mathematics.

Description of the field of the academic work: In addition to research and development in applied mathematics, the professor will be active in the following three main areas of academic work:

1. development of study programmes in mathematics; 2. supporting other schools of the university in application of mathematical methods in research and teaching; 3. promoting mathematics and its applications. Subfields of priority are: i) mathematical modeling (both analytical and statistical modeling including data analysis) and ii) numerical analysis. In both cases, application of experimental mathematics is promoted for using computers to investigate mathematical objects to identify their properties, relationships and patterns, testing conjectures etc.

The professor is also supposed to lead the development of a new master programme in applied mathematics (application of mathematical methods in other fields such as science, engineering, economics, computer science, information sciences, social sciences etc). Natural cooperation will be with the colleagues of the school having non-tenure positions in mathematics, statistics, data analysis and data analytics. Close cooperation is envisaged also with the other tenure positions of the school, especially with the professors in Mathematics and Computing Education as well as in Information and Data Science.

The relevance of the field to the development priorities of TLU, Estonia and Europe: Mathematics is one of the basic sciences whose methods are widely used in almost all other sciences. This is why European Commission has declared mathematics as one of the key competences for lifelong learning. Competence in mathematics is included in the profile description of several professions, and sometimes stated even in legal acts such as Insurance Activities Act: “A person carrying out the actuarial function must possess and, if necessary, be able to demonstrate the knowledge and experience in the field of insurance and financial mathematics, commensurate with the nature, scale and complexity of the risks inherent in the activities of the insurance undertaking”. Mathematics is also declared in the R&D Strategy for 2019-2021 of the university as one of the academic areas that the university develops. The need to strengthen applied mathematics in the university was stressed in the Report of the international research evaluation of 2017.

Requirements for the candidates

Candidates for the tenure system position shall meet at least the requirements of career level I of tenure system professor, tenure track associate professor. The elected professors will begin their career in the first career level of the tenure system, with the title of tenure track associate professor. The aim for that is to support them as a leader in the relevant field of research and study and, upon successful evaluation to progress to the second career level of the tenure system, with the title of professor.

Academic Activity Requirements

strong research and publication track record related to the field of applied mathematics or in a related field (for example, data science/analytics, statistics, data analysis, operations research, mathematical economics etc); considerable demonstrable knowledge in applied mathematics; experience in coordinating research projects; experience in organising international conferences and workshops; demonstrable capacity to generate external national or international funding for research; substantial pedagogical experience in teaching and supervising, experience in developing and running curricula; experience in organising societal outreach activities and practice-based experience is recommended. recommendable is active membership in international professional and/or research organisations, expert groups, journal editorial boards, programme committees of international conferences. Leadership aspects of the role:

The applicant should possess good communication and team builder and empowering skills; It is recommended to have an open mind that is ready to generate, accept and implement new ideas.

Job responsibilities

General work duties are determined in Employment Relations Rules of Tallinn University. The duties are approximately divided as follows: 1) R&D – 55%, 2) Teaching – 30%, 3) Internal and external services – 15%. Specific tasks:

Development of a master program in applied mathematics; Running of a regular research seminar in mathematics; Contributing to sustainable financing of the research group in mathematics; Contribution to the development of applications of mathematical methods in other academic areas of the school and other schools of the university.

Language proficiency requirements

English: the candidate possesses high command of English for conducting research in an international setting. Estonian: the candidate needs to acquire Estonian as a working language within 3 years in order to be able to participate in administrative tasks. Load: 1,0. Salary: to be agreed upon according to the Tallinn University Remuneration Regulation. Location: Tallinn Start of the contract: 01.09.2020

Additional information: Please address your administrative questions to konkurss@tlu.ee

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Contact: Peeter Normak
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