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Position ID: 2431-VIRTUAL [#17245]
Position Title: Student Intern
Position Type: Government or industry
Position Location: Cleveland, Ohio 44135, United States [map]
Subject Area: Applying advanced mathematics to engineering
Application Deadline: 2021/09/30 11:59PMhelp popup (posted 2021/01/29, listed until 2021/09/30)
Position Description:    

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The fundamental goal of this paid Summer 2021 internship is to create a venue for students to apply mathematics that are traditionally pure (e.g. algebraic topology, algebraic geometry, homotopy type theory, etc.) to engineering and scientific problems at NASA Glenn. This opportunity is targeted for grad students, and usually involves a group of students who are encouraged to work together. Their contributions are integrated into the project, and typically we try to get some publications out based on the work. We have explored applications towards such areas as networking, machine learning, and robotics. Below, we have a list of topics that we wish to focus on for the summer of 2021, which includes continuing existing research and new projects we wish to start. We are open to suggestions, and the hope is that the following list is considered more for inspiration than as a prescription: *Applications of sheaves to communications networks in space -Continue development of sheaf-based networking approaches -Introduce new sheaf-based networking concepts -Construct implementations using software (i.e. Pysheaf) -Continue work from previous papers such as: -- -- *Schedule optimization for networks using tropical geometry -Develop parallel tools for computing shortest paths (i.e. PyCUDA) -Leverage matrices over tropical min-plus semirings -Possibly explore the deformation theory of tropical schemes -New project for 2021 *Derive the coordinate-free Vlasov equation using differential forms -Inspired by topological electromagnetism as in: -- -Towards a topological theory for plasmas -New project for 2021 Math students are encouraged to apply at (Note - the opportunities might not be visible without an account)

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Contact: Alan Hylton, 216.433.6045
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21000 Brookpark Rd.
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Cleveland, OH 44135
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