Universita' di Roma "Tor Vergata", Matematica

2541 22038Position ID: Rome2-PROFESSOR [#22038]
Position Title: Full/Associate Professor
Position Type: Tenured/Tenure-track faculty
Position Location: ROMA, Roma 00133, Italy [map] sort by distance
Subject Area: Mathematics
Salary Range: 65.000-100.000 euro (before taxes)
Application Deadline: 2023/04/30 11:59PMhelp popup finished (2023/02/01, finished 2023/11/04, listed until 2023/08/01)
Position Description:    

*** The account for Matematica, Universita' di Roma "Tor Vergata" has expired. ***

The Department of Mathematics of the University of Rome Tor Vergata (Italy) welcomes expressions of interest for academic openings at Associate and/or Full Professor level from any field in Mathematics covered through a "direct call" procedure.

The Direct Calls program of the Italian Ministry of Research (MUR), provides opportunities to fund academic positions for scientists and scholars who have been working abroad with an equivalent position for at least three years, or for recipients of grants for Programs of Excellence funded by the European Research Council or Italian Ministry of Research (for instance ERC grants).

Since the present action will be open for the period 2023-2026, also candidates who do not meet the requirements for being eligible for a Direct Call yet, but will do before 2026, are encouraged to apply. Early career candidates can express their interest to be hired as tenure track Researcher (Italian rtdB/Rtt), since the Department of Mathematics is aiming to open such positions as well.

Successful candidates will be expected to actively contribute to the department's academic program, its strategy and governance, as well as providing scientific leadership and applying to national and international research funding schemes.

Applications must be submitted electronically filling the following form:


The Department of Mathematics is committed to increasing the gender balance of its faculty and particularly welcomes applications from women mathematicians.

Additional Information

For successful candidates having held academic positions abroad, there are some tax benefits, as, for example, a tax relief on 90% of the salary that may be granted for a duration up to six years.

For more detailed information on tax benefits see the two following links: https://www.gazzettaufficiale.it/eli/id/2019/06/29/19A04303/sg https://www.agenziaentrate.gov.it/portale/documents/20143/1725514/Articolo+5+del+Dl+34+del+2019.pdf/d707d5a2-d820-574b-86d3-4a23b6b0df32

The Direct Calls program of the Italian Ministry of Research (MUR), provides opportunities to cover teaching posts through direct calls to Italian and foreign scholars meeting one of the following necessary requirements:

scholars who have been working abroad on a permanent teaching or research position in a foreign university or research institution (art. 1 c.9 L. n. 230/2005) for at least THREE years, and holding an academic position equivalent to that which he is applying to with the direct call; scholars who have already worked in teaching or research capacities in Italian universities for at least THREE years on a direct call basis authorized by the Ministry of Research (art. 1 c.9 L. 230/2005); winners, as P.I., of grants for excellence programs funded by the European Research Council or Italian Ministry of Research (for instance ERC grants) of at least three years duration, and that have not been completed for more than three years (art. 29 c. 7 L. n. 240/2010, Art. 7, c. 2, D. M. n. 635/2016). Further information can be requested at the Head of the Department.

The applications will be reviewed by a Selection Committee and international experts. The selection committee will promptly notify chosen applicants, in order to start the administrative and burocratical steps needed to finalise the hiring process. The Direct Call recruitment process involves several approval steps and requires the endorsement of the Ministry of Research. The procedure is therefore expected to be completed and the position to be filled within about one year from the notification of the decision of the Department.

We are not accepting applications for this job through MathJobs.Org right now. Please apply at https://forms.office.com/e/wrXb5tEwpj external link.
Contact: Filippo Bracci, + 39 - 06 7259 4105
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