MathJobs Workflow & Features

Workflow & Features

Employer signs up for the service:

  • Submit the registration form, wait it to get approved
  • Play on the demo server while waiting......
  • New group gets approved, receiving email with instructions
  • Group manager logs in, clicks on 'Config' under the 'Admin' menu to add/update more info about the group or overall job requirements; add more questions, etc.

Employer posts new jobs:
  • Group manager clicks on 'NewJob' to post new jobs
  • Click on 'Jobs' menu to update, duplicate existing jobs
  • Click on 'Preview' to verify the application form for the jobs

Reference Writer
Group Manager
Get ready:
  • Login to new or existing account. Click on the 'Forgot your password?' link on the login page to reset your password if needed
  • Create/update the 'AMS Standard Coversheet' with basic contact and research info, enter/notify reference writers. Print out PDF version for other employers if needed. The coversheet form also has the info on the letters already uploaded by your references
  • Upload commonly used files into your 'Portfolio'. Each category can hold multiple files for different jobs/employers; they can be updated anytime. All files are automatically converted into PDF format
Receive reference letter request email messages:
  • Decide who you plan to write letters for
  • Write the letters on your computer
  • Save the letters to a place where you can upload from later
Get ready:
  • Clear up previous Application List by changing the old jobs' status to 'finished' or 'deleted', if the list is not empty. It's a good idea to make a 'Snapshots' beforehand if you haven't done so already
  • Run 'Config' to add staff  to group manager list, faculty to faculty access list. Set 'Access Permissions' for faculty if necessary
Get drafted onto the searching committees:
  • Learn how to use the system the first year
Apply for jobs:
  • 'View Jobs' listing: by posting date, deadline or country/state. Mark  and add private notes to any of the posted jobs
  • 'Search' job listing; save the searches to get daily email on new job postings
  • Apply for interested jobs, just by clicking on the 'Apply' links:)
  • Monitor 'Status', where you see what the employers actually see for every application. Check if your applications are complete, if your reference letters have been submitted
  • Update (re-apply) applications as many times as you like, or whenever you have new info to add. Employers automatically access the latest files in your  Portfolio which you have submitted in the application
  • Remember you have to apply for jobs after submitting your AMS standard coversheet. Employers can only access the items you selected in your job applications. Employers have direct access to the selected items in your Portfolio; no items are ever sent to employers. Please don't delete any needed items before the job search is over. Any updates in your Portfolio, including the AMS Standard Coversheet, will be instantly reflected on the employers' view of your applications.
  • Read FAQs, or Contact Us for Help
Login and upload letters:
  • Login as reference writers using the email and password received in the email. Click on the 'Forgot your password?' link on the login page to reset your password if needed
  • Click on the 'proxy' link near the bottom of your 'Refs' page to enable another person to upload your letters on your behalf, if desired.
  • Click on an applicant's name on your 'Refs' list to upload a letter for that applicant.  'Limit its access' by employers or set an expiring date if desired
  • Click on the name of an existing letter to upload another one in its place or to delete it.
  • Click on the applicant's name in the heading of the upload form to see the applicant's AMS standard coversheet
  • Click on the 'applications' link for each applicant to see the positions applied, which letters are used for each, and when your letters are last viewed.
Monitor applications:
  • Daily browse the 'Application List', sort by 'LastUpdated' or 'Received' to look for new data
  • (Optional) Weekly do 'Labels' to print out file folder labels (which updates the Processed flag too), or download whole dataset, if needed
  • For application materials arrived in postal mail, mark the items as 'received?' in the applicant's coversheet (the Application View), scan/upload the file if required
  • Do 'NewApp' to enter the name and email of paper only applications, which emails the applicant to ask them to apply online
  • Check 'noCover' to see if any action is needed
  • (Optional) Mark application as 'Completed' from the Application List or Application View pages, if necessary
  • Save 'Search' to create shared 'Search Filters' for faculty to use
  • 'Mail' applicants if needed
  • Add 'News' entries for applicants
  • Enter 'staff log' if needed
  • Try 'asFaculty' to use the system as a faculty member
Review applications:
  • 'List', 'Search'  applicants in many ways
  • Add applicants to your 'short list', 'no more consideration list'; use 'committee view'
  • Turn on/off 'Job Filters', 'Search Filters' to narrow down applicants
  • Review an applicant's  cover sheet (the Applicant View), read reference letters and other application materials, rate and comment on the applicant; access other faculty's ratings and comments
  • Refer applicant to other faculty to review
  • Use your own private notes on each applicant from the 'Application List'
  • Browse the 'Wanted' (free agent) list to invite other candidates to apply. You can search the list, save the searches and get daily email on new applicants.
  • Read the FAQs, or Contact Us for Help if needed
Get job offers:
  • Congratulations!
  • Save to your local system those files in your Portfolio which you want to save for later use.
  • Maybe use our service again in the future:)
  • Your account normally disappears after a year:)
Again next year:
  • Save any letters you want to save to your local system before they are removed after the job season is over
Finish off:
  • 'Mail' out rejection letters:)
  • Print out 'EEO/EOE' summary
  • 'Snap' a new snapshot; download to your system
  • Mark all jobs as 'finished'
  • Think about next year....
Make hiring decisions:
  • Sort applicants by ratings
  • Meeting, voting, etc.