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Skane Lan (1), Sverige (1), Vasterbottens Lan (2)

Lund University, Centre for Mathematical Sciences
  1. [SL1] Scientific Computing, Senior Lecturer (Associate Professor) in Scientific Computing (deadline 2019/06/11, Skane Lan, SE)
Lund University, Evolutionary Ecology unit, Biology department
  1. [PHD] Theoretical/ Computational ecology and evolutionary biology, Theoretical/Computational Biology (deadline 2019/04/29, Sverige, SE)
Umea University, Mathematics and Mathematical Statistics
  1. [PHD] PDEs with applications in optimization., PhD Position in Applied Mathematical Analysis (Vasterbottens Lan, SE)
Umeå University, Mathematics PhD
  1. [PHDMATHEVOLUTION] Mathematical Modeling, PhD position in modeling endosymbiosis (accepting applications, deadline 2019/06/15, Vasterbottens Lan, SE)

(4 positions listed)

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