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---- list of jobs with employers beginning with D and posted last week.
Mathematics, Dartmouth College
  1. [APQSS] Quantitative Social Science, Assistant Professor in Quantitative Social Science (posted 2018/09/21)
Mathematical Sciences, DePaul university
  1. [NTT19] Mathematics, Full-Time Non Tenure Track Faculty (posted 2018/09/20)
  2. [APM19] Mathematics, Assistant Professor (posted 2018/09/18)
Daniel H. Wagner Associates, Inc. interview
  1. [ANALYST] Open, Senior Analyst (posted 2018/09/17)
Mathematics, Dartmouth College
  1. [TG] Mathematics, Tenure position in Geometry (posted 2018/09/17)
Department of Mathematics, Duke University
  1. [PROB] Probability and related fields, Open Rank Search in Probability and Related Fields (posted 2018/09/16)
  2. [OPT] Optimization and related fields, Open Rank Search in Optimization and Related Fields (posted 2018/09/16)

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