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Texas A&M University, Statistics by distance
  1. [SCU] Statistics, Director, Statistical Consulting Unit (deadline 2019/04/30)
Texas State University-San Marcos, Department of Mathematics by distance
  1. [ASSTPROFSTAT] Statistics, Assistant Professor (2019/10/10)
The University of Texas at San Antonio, Mathematics Department by distance
  1. [DCM] Department Chair in Mathematics (deadline 2019/04/08)
University of Texas at Dallas, School of Natural Sciences and Mathematics by distance
  1. [ASSISTANTPROFESSOR] Mathematics and Statistics, Tenure Track Assistant Professor Positions in Mathematics and Statistics
  2. [SLI] Senior Lecturer in Mathematics (2019/09/01)
Texas Tech University, Mathematics and Statistics by distance
  1. [AP] Mathematics and/or Statistics, Assistant Professor (open rank) (2019/11/01)
University of Texas Rio Grande Valley, Dept of Mathematics by distance
  1. [PROFESSOR] Debnath Endowed Professor in COS/SMSS (2019/12/31)
University of Tennessee, Mathematics by distance
  1. [LEC_F19] Mathematics, Lecturer (2019/08/01)
Trine University by distance
  1. [MATH] Mathematics, Assistant/Associate Professor Mathematics (2019/08/01)
Temple University, Mathematics by distance
  1. [NTT2019INSTR] NTTInstructional2019 (deadline 2019/06/15)
Tunnel by distance
  1. [RS4] Research Scientist (2019/09/31)
Trinity College, Mathematics by distance
  1. [VAP1YR] mathematics, Visiting Assistant Professor - 1 Year (offers accepted)
TU Delft by distance
  1. [ASSISTANTPROFESSOR] Delft, Assistant Professor of Applied Mathematics (deadline 2019/06/01)
  2. [PROFESSOR] Delft, Assistant Professor (Tenure Track) in Mathematics (2019/08/15)
  3. [TENURETRACKPOSITION] Partial Differential Equations, Tenure-Track Position in Analysis of Partial Differential Equations (deadline 2019/05/15)
1642 0
Technical University of Munich, Chair for Operations Research by distance
  1. [PHD] Operations Research, Ph.D. & Postdoc Positions in Discrete Math / Theoretical Computer Science (deadline 2019/04/23)
Technical University of Berlin, Institute of Mathematics by distance
  1. [DIFFGEO] Applied Differential Geometry, University Professor - salary grade W3 (deadline 2019/06/27)
2300 0
Technical University of Denmark, The Danish Hydrocarbon Research and Technology Centre by distance
  1. [PHDCRACKS] Micro fractures and their impact on the dynamic of multiphase flow under reservoir conditions, PhD position: Numerical modelling of μ-Cracks: Flow & Deformation (2019/07/20)
  2. [PHDIMPRES] Develope numerical models for coupled proccesses in chalk formations, PhD position: Improving reservoir souring treatments for chalk formations (2019/07/20)
  3. [POSTDOCEORPOT] Innovative, and applied research on understanding of gas and water flooding in tight chalk formations, Postdoc in Evaluation of EOR Potential by Gas/water Flooding in Chalk Oil Reservoirs (2019/08/10)
  4. [POSTDOCNUMMODEL] Developing new analytical and numerical geomechanical models, Postdoc in Numerical Modelling of Fracture Growth in a Geological Setting (2019/08/18)
  5. [RESNUMMOD] Numerical modelling of biological proccesses, Researcher in Numerical Modelling and Integration of Scale, Corrosion and Reservoir Souring Mitigations (2019/08/01)
Tianjin University, Center for Applied Mathematics by distance
  1. [TTTP20] Pure Mathematics & Applied Mathematics & Computer Science & Bioinformatics, Tenured/Tenure-Track/Postdoctoral Positions at the Center for Applied Mathematics, Tianjin University, China (2019/12/31)
Texas A&M University - San Antonio by distance
  1. [DQL] Director, Quantitative Literacy
TU Delft by distance
  1. [PROFESSOROFPROBABILITYTHEORY] Assistant/Associate Professor of Probability Theory (tenure track)

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