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Dept of Mathematics, University of Texas Rio Grande Valley
  1. [APED] Mathematics Education, Assistant Professor in the College of Sciences/Mathematics (Texas, US)
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Department of Mathematics, Texas A&M University
  1. [APT] Mathematics, Academic Professional Track (Texas, US)
Statistics, Texas A&M University
  1. [SCU] Statistics, Director, Statistical Consulting Unit (deadline 2019/04/30, Texas, US)
Mathematics Department, University of North Texas
  1. [ASSTPROFBIOSTATS] Biostatistics, Statistics, Tenure-Track Assistant Professor in Biostatistics (Texas, US)
  2. [CHAIR] Open, Chair (Texas, US)
  3. [LEC] Developmental Math, Multi-Year Continuing Lecturer in Developmental Math (Texas, US)
Dept of Mathematics, University of Texas Rio Grande Valley
  1. [DEP] Mathematics, Debnath Endowed Professor in COS?SMSS (Texas, US)
Mathematics and Computer Science, Southwestern University
  1. [VAP1] Mathematics, Visiting Assistant Professor of Mathematics (1 Year) (Texas, US)
  2. [VAP2] Mathematics, Visiting Assistant Professor of Computer Science (Texas, US)
  3. [VAP3] Mathematics, Visiting Assistant Professor of Mathematics (3 Year) (deadline 2019/03/10, Texas, US)
Neuroscience, Baylor College of Medicine
  1. [POSTDOC] Postdoctoral Research Fellow (Texas, US)
Computational & Applied Mathematics, Rice University
  1. [LEC20] Applied Mathematics, Lecturer Positions (deadline 2019/03/15, Texas, US)
Department of Mathematics, University of Houston
  1. [FAC000898] Assistant Professor - Mathematics, Instructional Assistant Professor (Texas, US)
  2. [STA003498] Research Associate 1 (Texas, US)
Mathematics and Statistics, Sam Houston State University
  1. [VAP] Visiting Assistant Professor of Mathematics (Texas, US)
Mathematics and Statistics, Stephen F. Austin State University
  1. [AP] Mathematics & Statistics, Assistant Professor (Texas, US)
School of Natural Sciences and Mathematics, University of Texas at Dallas
  1. [ASSISTANTPROFESSOR] Mathematics and Statistics, Tenure Track Assistant Professor Positions in Mathematics and Statistics (Texas, US)
  2. [SLI] Senior Lecturer in Mathematics (Texas, US)
Texas A&M University - San Antonio
  1. [DQL] Director, Quantitative Literacy (Texas, US)
Mathematics Department, The University of Texas at San Antonio
  1. [DCM] Department Chair in Mathematics (deadline 2019/04/08, Texas, US)

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