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2214 0
American Mathematical Society, Office of Government Relations
  1. [DOE] Director of Education (deadline 2019/03/31, Other)
842 0
Art of Problem Solving
  1. [ADGB19] Elementary and Secondary Mathematics, Assistant Campus Director (Other)
  2. [ADPLTN19] Elementary and Secondary Mathematics, Assistant Campus Director (Other)
  3. [ADV19] Elementary and Secondary Mathematics, Assistant Campus Director (Other)
  4. [CDPLTN19] Elementary and Secondary Education, Campus Director (Other)
  5. [COM] Elementary and Secondary Mathematics, Mathematics Community Engagement Specialist (Other)
  6. [MC19] Elementary and Secondary Mathematics, Mathematics Curriculum Developer (Other)
1955 0
BASIS Independent Schools
  1. [CALCTEACHER] Mathematics, Calculus Teacher (Other)
Blair Academy, Math Department
  1. [MDC] High School Mathematics Department Chair, Math Department Chair (Other)
Claremont McKenna College, Department of Mathematical Sciences
  1. [ADQCLVAPMS] Administrative & Mathematical Sciences, Assistant/Associate Director of the Murty Sunak Quantitative and Computing Lab and Visiting Assistant Professor of Mathematical Sciences (Other)
  2. [VAPIS] Mathematical Sciences, Visiting Assistant Professor in Statistics (Other)
  3. [VAPMS] Mathematical Sciences, Visiting Assistant Professor, Mathematics Sciences (Other)
CyberMath Academy
  1. [SUMMERINSTRUCTOR] Summer Camp Instructor in Math, Coding, Robotics, Physics (Other)
Duke University, Department of Mathematics
  2. [GERRY] Mathematics, Quantifying Gerrymandering Researcher/Software Engineer (Other)
Fundação Getúlio Vargas, Escola de Matemática Aplicada
  1. [DSPP] Data Science, Open rank professor in Data Science (Other)
  2. [SPSM] Statistics, Open rank professor in Statistics (Other)
Georgia Institute of Technology, School of Mathematics
  1. [EMHCM] Mathematics, Elaine M. Hubbard Chair in Mathematics (accepting applications, Other)
Institute for Defense Analyses
  1. [SCAMP] Computer Science, Statistics, Mathematics, SCAMP Summer Research Program (Other)
1123 0
IXL Learning
  1. [SAM] Curriculum Design, Standards Aligner - Math (Other)
Loyola University Maryland
  1. [LECTURERINMATHEMATICS] Lecturer in Mathematics (Other)
Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Institute for Data, Systems, and Society
2044 0
Nanjing University of Information Science and Technology, School of Mathematics and Statistics
  1. [PTF] Pure mathematics, Applied mathematics, Systems science and Statistics, Part-time faculty (Other)
  2. [PTF1] Pure mathematics, Applied mathematics, Systems science and Statistics, Part-time faculty (Other)
Northwestern University, NSF-Simons Center for Quantitative Biology
  1. [VISITINGSCHOLAR] Interface of mathematical science and developmental biology, Visiting Scholars, NSF-Simons Center for Quantitative Biology (Other)
2261 0
Singapore University of Technology and Design, Science and Mathematics
  1. [RA1] Computational Physics, Applied Mathematics, Computational Engineering and related computational majors, Research Assistant (deadline 2019/04/30, Other)
Southern University of Science and Technology, Department of Mathematics
  1. [VAP] Applied Mathematics, Computational Mathematics, Dynamical Systems, Financial Mathematics, Geometry, Mathematical Biology, PDE and Probability, SUSTech-VAP (Other)
1677 0
Technical University of Denmark, DTU Compute
  1. [RESECOMPUNCER] Computational Uncertainty Quantification for Inverse Problems – Modeling Platform and Software System, Researcher in Computational Uncertainty Quantification for Inverse Problems – Modeling Platform and Software System (Other)
1642 0
Technical University of Munich, Chair for Operations Research
  1. [PHD] Operations Research, Ph.D. & Postdoc Positions in Discrete Math / Theoretical Computer Science (deadline 2019/04/23, Other)
Texas A&M University, Statistics
  1. [SCU] Statistics, Director, Statistical Consulting Unit (deadline 2019/04/30, Other)
The University of Luxembourg, Faculty of Science, Technology and Communication
  1. [PHDS] Mathematics, PhDs in Mathematics (Other)
The University of Sydney
  1. [IVP] International Visitor Program (Other)
University of California Berkeley, Data Science
  1. [LECTURER] Data Science, Lecturer (Other)
University of Chicago, Department of Mathematics
  1. [LECT] Mathematics, Lecturer (Other)
University of Edinburgh, School of Mathematics
  1. [LD] Maths, Learning Designer (Other)
  2. [LD1] Maths, Learning Designer (Other)
2171 0
University of Münster, Mathematics Münster Cluster of Excellence
  1. [FULLPROFESSORSHIPW3LEVEL] Full Professorship in Stochastic Analysis Bridging the Gaps Professorship, W3 level, Full Professorship in Stochastic Analysis (accepting applications, Other)
  2. [MAP] Mathrix Assistant Professorship in Mathematics, Mathrix Assistant Professorships in Mathematics Salary Level W1 (applicants short-listed, deadline 2019/03/15, Other)
Utah Valley University
  1. [COURSEMANAGER] Mathematics, Course Manager - Mathematics (Other)
Arkansas Tech University, Mathematics Department
  1. [APME1] Mathematics Education, Assistant Professor of Mathematics Education (deadline 2019/02/01)

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