Mathematics & Statistics, McMaster University

The Mathematics & Statistics department at McMaster University is a large-sized department of 38 regular faculty, 19 post-doctoral fellows and 73 graduate students. Research seminars in Algebra, Analysis, Applied Math, Finance, Geometry and Topology, and Statistics and the weekly Colloquium attract some of the world's most prominent mathematicians. The department is well-known throughout the world mathematical community for the high quality of research in many areas of mathematics and statistics. For more information about our department and McMaster University, please refer to our website at

  1. [GEOAP] Mathematics, Assistant or Associate Professor - Geometry
  2. [PDF1] Mathematics, Post-Doctoral Fellowship 2019
  3. [PDFCRC] Mathematics, CRC Postdoctoral Fellowship in Mathematical Analysis and its Applications
  4. [PDFSTATS] Statistics, Post Doctoral Fellowship - Statistics 2019
  5. [STATSAP] Statistics, Assistant Professor-Probability and Statistics

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