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Position Title: Vice President of Marketing (remote)
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Subject Area: Marketing
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About Julia Robinson Mathematics Festival (JRMF):


Most students learn that math is nothing more than memorizing formulas and carrying out procedures. The JRMF mission is to show every student that problem solving is not only accessible but also fun. Unlike competition or other math organizations, we measure success at JRMF by how many students leave our events saying “I can do this” and “This was fun!”  JRMF brings this mission to life by hosting and helping others host in-person and online celebrations of problem solving, which we call math festivals. At math festivals, students experience puzzles, games, crafts, and other activities that provide them with the opportunity to problem solve with agency, collaboration, play, and joy. See this joy for yourself at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_WIILfJhh8c.


Over the past year, JRMF has hosted events for over 9,000 students, parents, and educators from 19 states and all continents except Antarctica.


About the Vice President of Marketing (VPM) Position:


Reporting to the CEO, the VP of Marketing (VPM) will strategically assist the JRMF leadership team in telling our unique JRMF story and educational approach that is play-based, discovery-based, and student-centered while helping us execute and demonstrate the importance of JRMF educational resources and events to audiences across the world. There are many organizations who help students with school-based math, and there are many organizations that supply students and parents with puzzles and games, but JRMF is unique in its dedication to helping communities around the world host large-scale, community events that celebrate critical thinking and problem solving. We work with a variety of different audiences, including students, parents, teachers, homeschoolers, professors, graduate students, educators, and math enthusiasts. The VPM’s main role will be to create clear and attractive campaigns using social media, email campaigns, and other mediums to reach new people within each of these audiences and to inform those already in our community of JRMF’s resources and events.


Location: 100% remote (being on Pacific Time is a plus)


Key Responsibilities:


1.     Craft the JRMF narrative for the public. Having fun and being confident with math and problem solving is something that is new for many people. JRMF needs a great storyteller to educate the public on why the events and resources JRMF provides are meaningful, beneficial, accessible, and exciting. The VPM will be comfortable working in a hands-on fashion to create a messaging hierarchy and compelling content and graphics that support our efforts to deliver on our mission

2.     Create and manage a strategic plan to grow the JRMF community. JRMF wants to provide millions of students with the opportunity to learn that math and problem solving can be fun and accessible. The VPM will play a leading role in creating and managing a growth plan to connect with more students and educators around the world, creating new organizational partnerships, and serving as a thought partner with the leadership team to help grow the organization.

3.     Learn and use innovative technology. With the growing market of marktech solutions that supports social media, email campaigns, and other outreach and marketing efforts, the VPM will need to leverage existing marketing tools as well as be at the forefront of learning, evaluating, and implementing new marketing tools.

4.     Collect data and use it to support marketing and outreach plans. The VPM will identify the type and quality of data that would best support JRMF growth, create mechanisms for the collection of this data, and analyze this data to inform their marketing, outreach, and website (SEO) plans. The VPM will also be responsible for creating clear and attractive presentations of this data that can be shared with the public, partner organizations, and potential donors.


Qualities and Characteristics


1.     Commitment to and experience with education and mathematics.  JRMF provides a unique opportunity to bridge the world of academic mathematics and K12 math education. Our activities make high-level mathematical topics accessible to students as young as 6 years old, but our activities at the same time remain interesting and meaningful for high school students, college students, and math professors. Because our community is composed of students, educators, and math professionals, the VPM will need to have a background in and appreciation for both the worlds of education and mathematics.

2.     Strong teamwork and management skills. The VPM will be working closely with the CEO, the Vice President of Festivals and Engagement, and the Vice President of Content and Product Management. The VPM may also be tasked with managing future interns, volunteers, and marketing employees. The VPM will need to have a strong background in consensus building both with colleagues as well as direct reporters.

3.     Self-starter and independent worker. The VPM will take initiative in learning about JRMF, the world of education, the world of mathematics, and any other field that is helpful for creating a successful and sustainable marketing strategy. The VPM will also take initiative in learning and implementing new technology and tools that are helpful to their marketing strategy. Being creative, being bold, and keeping themselves and others to a high standard of excellence are invaluable assets for the VPM.

4.     Flexible. There will be many challenges as JRMF continues to expand and reach new audiences. The VPM will need to be comfortable and excited about experimenting with new ideas for improving the organization as well as have excellent leadership and problem-solving skills.

5.     Detail-oriented. The VPM will need to execute a variety of complex tasks at a high level of quality. This will require strong organizational skills as well as the ability to put in place strong processes to ensure consensus and high quality work outcomes.

6.     Good eye for design.  Because the VPM will be responsible for creating the content used in marketing and outreach campaigns, the VPM will need to be hands-on and should have a good eye for attractive layout and visual designs while being extremely comfortable with design programs such as Adobe Illustrator and others. The VPM will also be responsible for defining and establishing a new JRMF brand style guide to enable others including third party consultants and partners.

7.     Budget management skills. The VPM will need to work with the CEO to build and manage an annual marketing budget that will allow JRMF to achieve its goals.


Skills and Experience:



1.     5 years of marketing experience with proven expertise in story-telling, messaging, and multi-touch marketing strategies to enable growth.

2.     Expertise in top social media platforms and digital marketing techniques (e.g., Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Website CSM platforms, etc.)

3.     Expertise in Google products (e.g., Google Drive, Google Forms, Google Slides, etc.)

4.     Expertise in MailChimp (or other leading email campaign program)

5.     Expertise in graphic design software (e.g., Adobe Illustrator, Figma, Canva, etc.)

6.     Expertise in social media management software (e.g. Hootsuite)



1.     3-5 years experience in education, mathematics, and/or math outreach


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