Department of Mathematical Sciences, Montana State University

864 0The Department of Mathematical Sciences is recognized as a leader in mathematics, statistics and mathematics education. Bachelors, masters, and doctoral graduates in all of these areas are following successful careers in industry, government, and academia. Located in the heart of the Rocky Mountains, 80 miles North of Yellowstone National Park, we offer outstanding educational opportunities in an area of exquisitely beautiful scenery and outdoor recreation. Our department has a multifaceted role in supporting research, teaching, and outreach on campus, across Montana, and beyond. We maintain the largest instructional component on campus, delivering about 10% of total student credit hours. We offer a B.S. in Mathematics with options in mathematics, applied mathematics, mathematics teaching, and statistics; an M.S. in Mathematics with options in mathematics and mathematics education; an M.S. in Statistics; a Ph.D. in Mathematics with emphases in mathematics and mathematics education; and a Ph.D. in Statistics with emphases in statistics and statistics education.

Mathematical research is focused primarily on related topics in pure and applied mathematics; research programs complement each other and are often applied to problems in science and engineering. Statistical research encompasses a broad range of theoretical and applied topics, including interdisciplinary work directed toward practical problems. Mathematics education research addresses issues related to teacher preparation and professional development in areas such as content and curriculum, coaching, mathematical modeling, online learning, and rural education.

The College of Letters and Science (CLS), the largest center for learning, teaching and research at Montana State University, offers students an excellent liberal arts and sciences education in nearly 50 majors, 25 minors and over 25 graduate degrees within the four areas of the humanities, natural sciences, mathematical sciences, and social sciences.

Building on the great strength of our traditional disciplines, the college provides exciting opportunities for faculty and students at the cutting edge of interdisciplinary inquiry. Situated at the confluence of intellectual tradition, discovery, and innovation, CLS is dedicated to supporting student success, discovering and disseminating new knowledge, and providing an atmosphere in which discovery and learning are integrated and valued.

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