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United States:
California (47)

Rosebud AI
  1. [SWE] Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Neural Networks, Software Engineering, Machine Learning/Deep Learning Engineer (accepting applications, California, US)
1955 0
BASIS Independent Schools
  1. [CALCTEACHER] Mathematics, Calculus Teacher (California, US)
University of California, Santa Barbara, Mathematics Department
  1. [LECPOOL] Mathematics, Lecture Pool (California, US)
  2. [POSTDOC19] Scientific Computation and Machine Learning, Postdoctoral Scholar in Scientific Computation (California, US)
University of California, Santa Barbara, Statistics and Applied Probability
  1. [VAPFINMATHACT] Financial Math/Actuarial Science, Visiting Faculty Position (VAP) - Financial Math/Actuarial Science (California, US)
137 0
Stanford University, Department of Mathematics
  1. [SAP] see text, Szegö Assistant Professor (California, US)
  2. [TTRACK] see text, Tenure-Track Professor (California, US)

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