What is MathJobs.Org?

MathJobs.Org is an automated job application system, sponsored by the American Mathematical Society. We serve all job applicants with advanced degrees in Mathematics, and employers (academic or industrial) searching for mathematicians. The system is free for applicants. Applicant data is confidential, unless the applicant makes it public to enrolled employers by selecting the "Free agent" choice on the coversheet. After registration and data entry, applicants can apply for jobs, keep track of applications, print out paper coversheets, and invite their reference writers to submit letters into the system. Employers can conduct their recruiting entirely online, without setting up and maintaining their own servers and databases. The only requirement for employers is they have web access.

To sign up as a new employer, please use the "New Employer" link.

For those running application processes in the mathematical sciences that are NOT employment-related, the site MathPrograms.Org closely resembles MathJobs.Org and it has separate fees and accounts.

For employers not hiring in mathematics and closely related fields, the same great service is available at AcademicJobsOnline.Org and AcademicProgramsOnline.Org, which are run by the Duke University Mathematics Department.

AMS Policy for Employment Advertisements

While the American Mathematical Society (AMS) does not screen ads for compliance, the Society expects all institutions posting advertisements in AMS publications to comply with the equal opportunity laws that apply in the jurisdictions in which they are located. Federal law prohibits employers in the United States from discriminating on the basis of race, color, national origin, religion, sex, age or disability. Applicants should be aware that institutions outside of the United States may not be legally bound to conform to these or similar requirements, and are advised to inform themselves of conditions that may exist at the institutions to which they apply. The AMS reserves the right to reject any advertisement.

The AMS strongly supports equal opportunity in employment. Despite increasing participation at many levels, low rates of retention and promotion of women and underrepresented minorities remain a serious concern, particularly at doctoral-granting institutions. Therefore, AMS members, both individual and institutional, are urged to examine frequently their policies and procedures to see in what ways they may facilitate careers in mathematics research for women and underrepresented minorities. Resources can be found at the website .

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